Marriage Breakdowns Don’t Need To Be Expensive

I don’t think anyone enters a marriage expecting it to fall apart. After all, at one time or another, you will have loved each other so immensely, that you agreed to spend the rest of your lives together. But in time, things can happen and marriages can breakdown. Divorce rates are rising as it can be easier now to pull the plug on the marriage and walk away. But it is also seen as quite an expensive thing to do.

If you have both decided that this is no longer going to work, and you are being fairly amicable about it, then having a clean break can be easier and far less expensive than you previously thought. I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider if you have decided there is no other route to take.

Find a decent lawyer

One of the first things you may want to do is find a decent lawyer to help with the legal side of things. While you can manage a lot of yourself, there are legal documents that need to be generated so that you can move on with your lives. A quick look online will help you to find a lawyer as you might want to look out for recommendations or referrals. Getting someone on side is key to ensuring that you can move this process on as quick as possible, without the need for arguments or lengthy court hearings.  Now would be the time for you to look into a process server as well.

Work out the finances yourself

The financial side of things can often be the most tricky, so if you are remaining amicable then this element could be something you tackle on your own. An easy fix would be to split everything down the middle, including all assets, which in most cases is what should happen as a marriage is a partnership. Getting layers involved in this process can mean that you are due for lengthy discussions, but if you are both being transparent and can easily divide things up, save yourself the costs and agree on a process moving forward.

Remain amicable

While it may be amicable now, as discussions move to family and children, if you have them, and money, emotion can really set in and this is when things can turn from good to bad. It is so important in these circumstances to remain as amiable as possible. This helps you to keep things on track and moving forward.

Keep communications open

Communication is important, after all, it can be one of the fundamental factors of keeping a relationship a love. So you do need to keep the communications line open to ensure that you can discuss things amicably in the future. Who knows, doing this could even help you on trac for reconciliation. Many couples find that starting these proceedings makes things final, and often find that they want to give things one last chance before signing off for good. It gives you time to really think about what you want.

Finally, always give yourself some personal time to ensure that you are clear in your mind about the plans and steps forward. It doesn’t need to be an expensive break up, if you are both on the same page. But equally it may not even need to go down that route at all. I hope this gives you the guidance you need to avoid a hefty divorce bill.

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