Adventurous Trips for the Wild at Heart

Heading away on vacation doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting around on a sunlounger by the side of a pool for a week or two. While this type of break may suit some, it leaves others amongst us itching for the opportunity to go out and explore. After all, why sit on a flight for hours if you’re just going to stay in a complex and ignore the local landscapes and culture lying on your doorstep? So, if you feel a serious sense of wanderlust and urge to experience adventure, here are a few different trips that you might like to take into consideration and try out yourself!


Trekking or hiking may not sound like the ideal activity to start with. Many of us associate it with traversing dull terrains back home in cold temperatures, wind, and rain. But we’re not suggesting that you consider a hike along the dull fields round the corner from your house. We’re suggesting that you consider a hike overseas where you can take in some seriously stunning landscapes and see some local wildlife that you’re not used to and may be completely unfamiliar with! This is a lot more rewarding than a stroll through your hometown! Hiking in world renowned locations gives you multiple opportunities to see some world renowned sites, alongside endless photo opportunities amidst stunning landscapes! Struggling to think of somewhere to bring this plan into action? Then book a machu picchu hike. This will give you the opportunity to traverse beautiful Peruvian land with significant cultural history!


Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast, a casual skier who dabbles in the sport, or someone who never has and perhaps never will have any interest in hitting the slopes, there’s bound to be some sort of ski resort out there that will suit your needs down to a tee. In fact, the majority of resorts nowadays have sufficient slopes to cater to individuals of a whole range of abilities. So, why not try it out? It can be beneficial to book a couple of lessons in beforehand, but you should feel equally confident rolling up fresh and ready to take on a new challenge without any previous experience or knowledge. Competent coaches will be able to analyse your current level of skill and teach you the basics within a matter of days. You just have to be dedicated to the cause and get back up whenever you’re knocked down! Now, there are endless mountain ranges out there that are suitable for skiing, but some of the most popular include Mount Everest, K2, and Mont Blanc.

These are just two different types of get away that might appeal to someone who’s looking for an alternative to the traditional beach, pool, and sea vacation. Sure, you’re likely to exert a lot more energy in hiking or skiing, but you’re also bound to have a much more rewarding trip when you’re engaging with these types of immersive activities!

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