Sick of Painfully Expensive Dental Bills?

An expensive dental bill can feel like a kick in the teeth. Fortunately, there are ways to still get the treatment you need without having to put yourself in debt. Here are just a few ways to lower dental costs.

Shop around

Most of us stick to one clinic out of loyalty, however you may find that other clinics in your area charge different prices for the same treatment. If you know the procedure that you need, why not try ringing up various clinics and asking for their pricing. You may find that one clinic is able to provide the treatment you need at a discounted rate.

Take out dental insurance

A great way of making future dental costs less expensive could be to take out dental insurance. This allows to pay a small monthly rate in exchange for having all your treatment paid for. Some insurers may offer family plans allowing your whole family to get free treatment. The likes of Humana Dental Insurance plans may even provide extra incentives such as discounts on treatment. Shop around insurers to find the best suited scheme for you.

Visit your local dental school

If there’s a dental school in your area, it’s possible that they may be looking for volunteers to practice treatment on. This treatment could come at a hugely discounted rate (you may even get treatment for free!). Of course, this does come with its downsides – you can expect the treatment to be slower as the teacher may be trying to show students each step along the way. You’ve also got to be pretty comfortable with the ins and outs of the treatment as the teacher may be giving a running commentary of the whole procedure, which could frighten some people who already dread dental treatment. This article by Colgate offers more information.

Ask for a discount

In many cases, clinics are willing to negotiate pricing – unless you ask, you’ll never know. Other dentists may be able to offer instalment plans allowing you to pay an amount now and then pay the remainder in instalments later down the line. This could be like a loan, only without the interest. Come dentists may only allow you to do instalment plans ahead of the treatment, giving you the procedure once the full amount has been paid up, which may not be good in the case of urgent treatment.

Don’t delay treatment

If you’re the type of person who ignores a toothache until you can physically no longer stand the pain, you could not only be causing unnecessary prolonged discomfort for yourself but you may also be making the treatment required all the more expensive. A dentist is likely to be able to prescribe antibiotics for a tooth infection that is caught early. Leave it too late, and the infection may be beyond this requiring root canal treatment or a tooth extraction – two procedures that aren’t only expensive but potentially very painful. Get a toothache checked out early so that you’ve always got cheaper options available.

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