Making Money From Trash: Here’s What You Can Do

There’s no denying that people throw away a lot of waste each year. Some of it gets recycled, but sadly much of people’s trash ends up in landfill sites across the country or even overseas.

While those are commonly known facts, one thing you might not know is how you can make money from trash – both your own and unwanted items thrown away by other people!

If you’re looking for a way to boost your income without having high overheads, take a look at the following tips to help you make money from trash:

Scrap Metal

Did you know that there’s a lucrative market for scrap metal? Anything from household appliances to soda cans can net you a significant sum of money if you have enough items to sell in one go.

You might be asking yourself how to amass enough scrap metal so you can sell a vast quantity in bulk. The first thing to do is start with your home; do you have any items made from metal that are lying around gathering dust? Perhaps you’ve got some broken appliances in your backyard or garage?

You could also do a tour of your neighborhood and see if anyone has left any scrap metal on the sidewalk that you can collect for free.

Once you’ve amassed enough items, do a Google search for cash for metal scrap near me to determine the nearest facilities that will pay you for your collected scrap items.


Too often, people discard unwanted electronics because they aren’t working correctly anymore. The truth is that many electrical goods and electronic items only need an internal clean or some simple resoldering to restore everything to a fully-functional state.

You can usually find people throwing away electronics outside their homes, or they might list them for free pickup on websites like Craigslist if they’re having a home clearout.


Did you know that some people throw away unwanted clothing because they’ve seldom worn them or because they no longer feel it suits their styles? Others might discard clothing belonging to a dearly departed relative. The list of reasons is endless.

You could take items that are still reusable and sell them on online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Anything damaged beyond repair can get sold to textile recycling companies.


Another way to make money from other people’s trash is by upcycling things like old furniture and refurbishing, recovering, or transforming each item into something useful and valuable again.

For example, you could sand and stain or paint old wooden furniture to give each item a new lease of life. You may even transform old discarded industrial items into industrial-themed household items. The ideas are limitless, and so too is your earning potential.


The above are just some of the many ways you can make money from your trash and other people’s discarded and unwanted items.

There is a lucrative market for scrap items, so if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it, you can turn such endeavors into one of the best side hustle ideas you’ve ever tried.

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