4 Tips To Make Moving Cross Country Budget-friendly

Moving home isn’t cheap. If we ignore the cost of the home itself, then we’re still paying for things like moving boxes, shipping services, new utility installations, and so on. For most people, moving usually involves loading up a van or a truck with your stuff and then driving to your new location. You might ask a friend or family member to help if they have the vehicle, and you could consider hiring a van yourself if you know how to drive.

But what if you’re moving cross country?

Many people decide to move long-distance because it gives them more job opportunities, cheaper housing, and helps them get away from busy cities and metropolitan areas. But while there are many benefits to moving far away, there are also some downsides such as the time and money it takes to move all your stuff across.

The cheap way to do this would be to slim down your possessions, but we know that most people can’t do that. So in this post, we’ve prepared four helpful tips to make moving cross country a lot more budget-friendly.

Ask friends and family members

If you’ve built up some good relationships over the years then asking your friends and family members for a bit of assistance with moving will usually go well. The worst they can do is say no because they’re busy, but if you’re lucky then you might get a few helping hands. Of course, they’ll be sad to see you go because you’re moving far away, but if you make a weekend of it and combine it with a housewarming stayover, then they might be more inclined to help out. Just don’t abuse their kindness or it’ll come back to bite you in the future!

Are there cheaper moving dates that you can choose?

If you’re set on hiring a long distance moving company to help you, then you may want to consider picking a different date for your move. Peak moving dates do exist and they usually fall around major holidays. While there’s no definitive strategy for the cheapest moving dates, you could ask several different moving companies for a quote to make it a little easier on you.

Save money on your moving boxes now

Moving boxes can be a little expensive if you have to quickly buy some from Amazon or another retailer. However, if you’re willing to stock up on some cardboard boxes before your move, then you can save a surprising amount of money here. Just remember to add this to your moving checklist so you remind yourself to save all of your boxes. Ask friends and family members for their big cardboard boxes, see if your workplace has any laying around that they don’t need, and don’t hesitate to reuse shipping boxes for smaller items.

Consider selling some of your stuff before you move

If you’ve got a lot of clutter then it’s a good idea to consider selling some of it before you move. This helps to lighten the load a bit but also provides you with a bit of extra money to pay for your moving expenses. This could potentially pay for your entire move if you have loads of items laying around collecting dust.

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