Lower The Water Bill Now!

Water bills can be expensive. That drip…. drip…….. drip…. from the kitchen sink can not only be annoying, but it can add up to hard earned cash down the drain. And you all know I’m cheap and hate wasting money!

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Many of these tips are things that I’ve done to lower the water bill, but some are things I’m hoping to try soon. Because savings is savings and pennies add up.

  1. Check for leaks. Yes this is obvious to most. But check for leaks. Turn off the water and check your meter. If it’s still showing water is being used, then you have may have a leak. Get that fixed asap.
  2. Change your showerhead. Showerheads can use over 5 gallons of water per minute. More if they are older. And I know I don’t take a shower in a minute or less. Do you? Amazon has a ton of energy efficient shower heads, this one is only 1.25 gallons per minute and under $10! It’s a cheap investment that is easy to install yourself.
  3. Install aerators in faucets. I haven’t done this one myself. But basically it works similar to energy efficient shower heads. This one is 1.25 gallons per minute and you can get two for $8.
  4. Replace gaskets and hoses on your washing machine. Our washer was leaking when using hot water. I replaced the hose and put a new gasket in it, and now it’s great! Gaskets are $1 for a dozen and the hose was about $15, but durable enough to last.
  5. Keep bottled water in the fridge. This will prevent you from using the tap for cold water. Mostly the waiting until it’s the perfect temperature part. My parents like having a big water jug with a spout on it in the fridge. Then they can re use it and save money on it too.
  6. Insulate water pipes. You can buy foam at a hardware store or even Walmart. Wrap it around your pipes. This will help your hot water heat up faster.
  7. Go MacGuyver in the bathroom. You can install a low flow toilet system in your tank or do it old school with a brick or a milk jug.
  8. Use your toilet sparingly. I learned some tricks from my grandparents as a kid. My husband hates them… but… yep, maybe I don’t need to explain this one? Oh well… so my grandma taught us to use a small amount of toilet paper so that if we did #1 we could leave it for the next person. #2 needed to go right away. If we took a bath at her house, we used the water in the tub to flush the toilet. This is maybe a bit extreme for the typical frugal person, but it is from the Great Depression mindset of doing things. So it does work.
  9. Use your garbage disposal sparingly. It’s not hard to walk that extra few feet over to the trash can. And it’ll conserve water too.
  10. Wash clothes in cold water. Water doesn’t need to heat up. Clothes are still clean. Win win.

Do you have a tip to share to lower the water bill? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update! I’d love this to be a comprehensive list.


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  • Jessica Henderson
    November 24, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Along the lines of #4, bottled water is expensive. We love our Brita for that. Saves us having to run the tap for cold water, but also saves us buying bottled water too!