What To Do With Your Business When You Move

When you have a business, it’s a big responsibility and is like having a house – you can’t just walk away from it. Well, you can, but that’s probably not the smartest idea since you’ll likely lose a lot of money, not to mention the time you’ve already invested in it.

However, sometimes in life, things happen that are beyond our control, or we simply have to make decisions that involve some sacrifice. For example, maybe your partner has been offered a job somewhere else and you have to move – so what do you do with your business?

Now, if you have an online business, this will be a good bit easier, since you can pretty much run it from anywhere. You’ll certainly have to look into regulations and get yourself set up from a legal perspective in terms of tax, etc, but other than that, an online business is pretty much good to go wherever you do.

An online business, however, is somewhat different, and not as easy to just move where you go. It’s certainly not impossible, but will take a good deal more planning to make a successful move with your business – especially if you have a larger business that has regular customers who visit the premises, and a team of staff to keep the place running.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some tips on what to do with your business when you move, so that you can see that you do have different options and can decide what the best step for you and your business is.

Move everything:

This is only going to work with certain types of businesses, and will also only work if either your team are willing to move with you, they can work remotely, or you’re currently working as a solo business owner. For example, if you own something like a small marketing agency, it will be a bit easier to move your business to a new location and possibly even keep a second or virtual location in the place you’ve just moved from. This won’t be so easy if you’re running a larger retail store or restaurant or if you need to Find a Premises for Your New Pub.

Sell it:

Selling a business is never an easy decision, but if you do decide to sell up, you should check how much your business is worth and consider going through a good broker or marketplace to help make it easier. Once you sell, you can use the money to open a new business in the place you’re moving to.

Bring on a manager or CEO:

If you’re not quite ready to sell, but also don’t see the option available to move the business, but you still have to move, then another option, and the one that most business owners will generally go for is to keep your plans in place for the move, and bring on someone to run the business and you carry out your role remotely. Sure, you will have to pay someone to do this, but it means you’re still keeping your business in tact, and it may even help you to grow and scale whilst perhaps giving you some creative space.

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