Investing in a Company Vehicle for Your Small Business

When you first start out as a small business owner, it can feel like you have an endless list of tasks to complete. But one benefit of this situation tends to be that you are setting up a company on a relatively small scale and you can generally complete most of your work from the comfort of your own home or a set commercial property. The most commuting that you are likely to do is getting to and from the workplace (if you have one). Generally speaking, public transport will be able to get you from A to B easily and conveniently. As your business begins to grow and expand, however, you will find that you need to complete a lot more work further afield. You will have business meetings to attend. You will need to head to exhibitions and trade shows (taking a whole lot of stock and set up equipment with you). You will start to pair up with suppliers who will need huge volumes of products transported to them. It’s not all too surprising that public transport will quickly start to fall short of your needs. You will begin to find yourself feeling extremely limited by timetables and set drop off points. You will become infuriated with inevitable delays and cancellations. You will find yourself incapable of carrying everything that you need onboard a bus or train. So, what can you do? Well, the answer is to start investing in company vehicles. These will cater to your needs much more effectively! Here’s everything you need to know when considering this investment!

Choosing a Vehicle

First things first, you need to make sure that you choose the right vehicle to suit your needs. If your intention is to turn up to business meetings looking presentable and professional, you will want to consider a business car. If your aim is to transport large volumes of stock forwards and backwards, you may want to consider a truck. Generally speaking, it is best to purchase a brand new vehicle for your business. This will result in fewer problems and faults developing early on during ownership. If any problems or faults do develop, you will generally have a warranty that will put wrongs to rights. This reliability will benefit you in that you are less likely to break down and turn up late to planned arrangements. It also gives you a more professional image. If your budget is limited, you may opt for a second hand car. But it’s extremely important that you are patient and conduct various different checks to ensure that the vehicle is up to scratch before putting any money down on it. Always check out the vehicle in person (as photographs can be overly flattering, edited, or may miss out major faults) and conduct a test drive.

Meeting Legal Requirements

Remember that there are legal requirements of any road user that you need to abide by. The first legal requirement that you should meet is ensuring that you or anyone else who is going to drive your company vehicle is sufficiently qualified to drive it. Bear in mind that a standard driver’s licence will not generally permit someone to legally drive a larger vehicle such as a truck. You should then make sure that anyone who drives the vehicle is also insured to drive it. If any incidents occur on the roads, you need to contact a specialist lawyer, such as a car accident lawyer or a truck accident attorney.

Branding Your Vehicle

Remember that your vehicle could prove to be an effective means of advertising as well as getting you about. Consider having your company name or logo added to your vehicle’s exteriors. You are likely to pass a large number of people on a daily basis and you might as well seize the opportunity to expose your brand to as many as possible along the way! You might also benefit from adding your professional phone number or business email address to the design, as this will allow people to get in touch with you.

Sure, public transport may well serve you well in the early stages of business ownership. But as you grow and expand, you are likely to have to invest in a company vehicle to get you by. Hopefully, the above information will help you to do so effectively!

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