How To Speed Up Property Sales

Selling our homes can be a highly stressful experience, especially when we need to move quickly to free up capital or to finalise a deal on our dream home. We can become anxious, and the more we worry, the longer the property takes to sell. However, there are some ways you can speed up the process and finally sign contracts with new owners.

First impressions count

To help speed up your sale, you need to ensure that every part of your home looks perfect. This includes the frontage and the rear garden. These two areas will be the first impression buyers will have, they may also be the last part of the home they view. Many buyers decide whether they are going to buy a property or not, within the first few minutes of arriving. So it’s essential that you keep the front-drive clear, clean and tidy up windows and your front door and maybe invest in a few hanging baskets or potted shrubs. Make sure your garden is weed-free, and your lawn is mowed.

While you are focussed on your property, it may also help to check the boundaries too. As much as it may pain you, picking up litter and arranging the collection of any unsightly dumped items, will improve your chances of a sale. If your neighbourhood is that messy – you want to get out of there quick!

Welcome to our home!

Often people forget about their porch or hallway when they are selling their homes. However, this is the very first peak your potential new buyers will have of their new home. You want them to feel like they are walking in after a long day and relaxing. So remove any clutter and add some flowers, a mirror to increase light and space. It’s also worth removing all of the shoes and coats you may usually hang here. Leave a couple but don’t overburden the hallway with your possessions.

Clean me!

Your house needs to look like a showroom, and while we all know no one can live in a perfectly tidy house, you want your buyers to imagine it. You can do this yourself, although it is worth investing in a deep clean by a professional company.

Consider a buyout

If you are in a real rush to sell your home, you may not have the time or money to invest in waiting for a sale to go through. You could contact Best Offer KC or other instant buy companies and see what they would be willing to offer you.

Count on your friends

Sometimes we overlook our friends when we are selling a property. Make sure you make the most of social media and share your property details. You could offer your friends an amount of money if they manage to help you find a buyer. This incentive will encourage them to share and promote your home, which is free advertising. If it sells for your asking price in the time you need it to, then giving your friend a few hundred pounds won’t seem like much at all!

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