How To Improve Your Garden On A Budget

When you take good care of your garden you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. If you’re looking to improve your garden but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out these five simple tips.

1 . Preloved accessories

Garden accessories are a fantastic way to make a garden space look beautiful. There are so many accessories to choose from, whether it’s ornaments and statues, decorative lights, bunting, garden rugs, and cushions.

Instead of buying your accessories brand new, consider purchasing pre-loved accessoires. You can look in thrift stores, or check out second-hand applications. Some of the most popular second-hand applications are LetGo and Wallapop. Facebook marketplace is another great place for second-hand goods, (and you can sometimes get items for free)! Pre-loved apps are a great way to save money.

2. Permaculture gardening

The term permaculture refers to ‘permanent agriculture’, it means using the rain, sun and wind to provide a garden with all that it needs. To practice permaculture gardening you don’t need to purchase lots of expensive flowers or equipment. The idea is to work with what you have, and work with nature.

The Ecologist explains that, ‘Permaculture gardening seeks to recreate a natural cycle, turning food waste into valuable compost and replacing slug pellets and weed killers with natural predators and natural competition.’ To learn about permaculture gardening check out the Permaculture Podcast.

3. Upcycled plant pots

If you want to save money on your garden, why not make a few upcycled plant pots? You can make these out of household waste, including old bottles, glass jars and food boxes. Upcycling is a great way to get creative, you can paint your plant pots and decorate them using craft materials.

For lots of upcycling ideas have a look at the Recyclart app. Here there are so many great projects that you can use to improve your home.

4. DIY pest control

Before you spend money on pest control productions, check out these cheap DIY solutions:

  • Water & soap: Simply mix water and dish soap and put the mixture into a spray bottle. When you spray soap onto your plants you’ll dehydrate any spiders and aphids.

Garlic: When you add garlic cloves to your soil you’ll keep the pests away, this works both outdoors or with houseplants.

Pepper spray: Mix a solution of water and chilli pepper, spray this onto your plants to repel bugs.

5. Paint your fences

Is your fence looking a bit dull and worn? To get your garden looking brand new again, consider giving your fence a lick of paint. Go for a bright color like electric blue or lilac. With a splash of color your garden will soon be looking beautiful.

If you have a pool in your garden, it’s important to ensure that it’s correctly maintained. Failing to maintain your pool could leave you with health and safety issues. To learn more about the safety issues that come with pool ownership, check out

Seeman Holtz investigations.

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