How to Plan a Trendy Florida Beach Wedding

If are looking for trendy but modern wedding ideas, you should head to Florida beaches. You might think that beach weddings are too predictable and common, but if you put your own spin to it, you can make yours special.

Here are some ideas on how to pull off the best Florida beach wedding:

The Venue

Bay Preserve at Osprey

Although beaches are very common wedding venues, they are not for everyone. If you are not sure that you want a beach wedding, you should consider another type of waterfront venue.

The Bay Preserve is a venue that gives you an opportunity to step outside the box.

This private property overlooks Little Sarasota Bay and gives off an old Florida vibe. At this location, you will find five different event spaces from which you can choose. The best thing about this place is that they only host a single wedding per weekend. Moreover, you can coordinate your guest arrival by boat.

Longboat Key Club Resort

This venue has twelve unique event spaces, making it the ideal place to host your trendy wedding. It offers a beautiful oceanfront view if you want to say your vows while facing the Gulf of Mexico. However, if you want an intimate wedding, you can go to the resort’s secluded marina.

If you want your wedding reception to be at Longboat Resort, it has eight restaurants from which you can choose. Longboat Key Club Resort is an hour’s drive from downtown, making it accessible to your guests.

Opal Islands Resort

If you want your beach wedding to be exceptional, you should head to this resort in Clearwater. Opal islands Resort is ideal if you want a beach wedding feel without being on a beach. With a roomy lawn that can fit at least 250 guests and overlooks clear blue waters, you will get an upscale wedding vibe for your wedding.

If you want to relax, you can just walk a few steps to the beach and soak in the sun whilst looking at the waters. Do you want to pamper yourself before the wedding? You can head to the nearby Clearwater Beach Spa.

The Details

Wedding and Bridal Gowns

You should stay on trend by avoiding matching bridesmaid dresses that tend to make a wedding seem formal. Instead of choosing a uniform style, you should let your bridal party choose their own dresses in coordinating colors. You can shop either at physical stores or online for dresses such as wedding dresses, bridal gowns, wedding gowns at Azazie. For beach weddings, neutral ivory and light blush tones are a good bet.


You might have seen green tablescapes and centerpieces, but you should know that invitations with green motifs are a hit. If you want your wedding to feel boho, updated, and chic, you should opt for this modern tropical look.
Ceremony Backdrop

Macramé was one of the biggest trends last year and it is still in fashion. The 1970-inspired bohemian style is perfect for a laid-back beach wedding. You should dress up the altar with macramé details if you want the ceremony to look trendy.


Butter cream cakes that are decorated with color-coordinated candy are a hit. This trendy cake will work just fine for your beach wedding. Moreover, the all-white cake will do better than dark cakes in the Florida heat. Make sure that you discuss all your cake options with the baker to avoid a frosting meltdown problem.

Having a trendy wedding is one of the most important things for most millenials. If you follow the above tips, your Florida beach wedding will be stylish.

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