Google’s new travel planning tools and what they mean for you

Planning a perfect trip is sometimes challenging – especially during the holiday season. Whether your journey takes you on a relaxing vacation, a Thanksgiving program or to spend quality time with your family, Google has expanded its portfolio of travel offerings ranging from flight-booking services and hotel to trip planning tools for you.

“For many people, holidays provide the perfect time to travel. Whether your journeys take you to spend time with family or on a relaxing vacation, planning ahead can make the whole process less stressful — and less costly. Google is here to help with that,” the tech giant said in its blog post.

The new trip planning tool is a landing page that shows when best to book flights ahead of Thanksgiving, the Christmas and new year holidays based on 2017 price changes. The tool limits its services in a number of city pairs it supports – but if you’ve plans to fly on one of the 25 supported routes, it could save you a lot of money and stress. Did you just ask how?

With the new tool, users can find the best flight and hotel deals and compare them to last year’s prices – this helps you make the best choices on a budget. The new feature is an extended lead-generation tool that can link users to the Google Maps’ hotel search bar.
Once you have decided on a location, Google’s new hotel location score will help find the neighborhood that is best for you. The score summarises information like the landmark, nearby bars and access to public transportation based on data from Google Maps. It also tells you how to get to and from the airport – a really smart add-on.

“Your Trips”- Google’s latest travel update

Google has also plugged the latest version of its travel design “Your Trip” – an upgraded feature that helps you organize your travel plans. According to the tech giant, “Your Trip makes it easier to organize and plan your trips. It maps out a full day or a half day with suggestions for things to do and see. Just in case you don’t like what you see, you can tap the “magic wand” to see other nearby sights. Each tap of the wand brings a fresh set _of nearby attractions for you.

Your trip collects your research on different hotels, flight price tracking and every other thing you might have saved about a potential trip in a place. This serves a bit like Inbox’s (RIP) travel bundles for trips you are still planning. This does not mean Google is stalking – when you perform a standard search for any popular travel destination in Google’s search engine, the results will automatically highlight the most important features for trip-planning. This does not go beyond your queries in its search engine. Thus, If it’s getting your dream destination, tracking the museum within a walking distance, the best pizza joint in Southampton, the perfect beaches near London or Cafes, Your Trips shows you tons of cool things far and near to help with your choice.

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