Wizard World Comic Con 2013 – Chicago IL

We visited Chicago area in early August for my sister’s wedding. So, per usual, I watched Groupon for a cool adventure to have while there. I got Comic Con tickets for $23 per person, half off regular price!

I was so excited to surprise my husband, because this trip was more for him than me, and several of his favorite people were headlining. From CM Punk to Napoleon Dynamite, Darryl from Walking Dead and more. So many different people. I thought it was a great deal.

Turns out that each star had autograph opportunities for a fee. And not a cheap fee either. Stan Lee was $250 for a meet and greet, if I remember correctly. Way out of budget and completely not expected. But we were still determined to go.

Upon entering, we noticed a massive line. I showed my Groupon and we were directed thru a back door. We thought we might be skipping the line… wrong. The doors opened to reveal an even bigger line, wrapped 10 times back and forth in the room. We waited with other Grouponers for over an hour just to get in. The only saving grace was that everyone around us was in high spirits and in costume… fun lol.

Once we got in, we visited the different booths and displays. I didn’t know what to expect, my husband is the geek. This was just like an early birthday gift for him. I was along for the ride.

Bryan posed with a storm trooper while kids shot nerf guns as a fundraiser.

This is a Ghostbuster vehicle, a look alike, not official.

This was probably one of the neatest things to see up close. It’s made entirely of legos! So neat. Now I think I should build something like that.

This is from the local library, a big Hulk statue.

I grew up on Scooby Doo, so I loved seeing the Mystery Machine!

And Bryan got super excited for this, the Batmobile and Bat Suit.

I think for a day of cool photo ops and some freebies, it was worth it. We spent a total of $5 on a Doctor Who poster of the exploding Tardis. I plan to get it framed since it looks like a painting. Only fellow geeks will know what is 😉

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