How To Visit The Philadelphia Museum Of Art For $1

The Philadephia Museum Of Art was the first stop on our visit to Philly. Isn’t it just gorgeous?!

I had a bit of sticker shock, to be honest with you, when I saw the price for admission. $20 per person. There are two of us. And no way I was willing to spend $40 for a few hours of gazing at art. Maybe that’s a good price for some of you. But for our cheapcation, I was determined to stretch every dollar.

So I did some sleuthing.

Low and behold I found a deal. And the deal is still active!

I felt like a beast, walking up to the counter and handing the cashier a few singles for admission while watching others pay full price. If I was really feeling like a boss, I could’ve paid a penny each. Almost free!

So how did I do it? How did I pay such a low price for admission? I made sure our visit began at 5 pm on a Wednesday. Why? For name your own price admission. For spring of 2015 you can name your own price on Wednesday evenings. Any price. Starting at a penny. You get to see everything the people who pay full price in the day time get to see, plus there are extras in the evening too. Such a great deal.

This is a great time to introduce your children to art as well. So long as they are quiet please 😉

I wish I had more photos to share of the inside, but there were several signs discouraging photos. And I’d already been rebel enough for the day. However, outside the museum there are lots of great photo ops.

Like posing with Rocky.

Parking in the museum garage will run you about $15 but there is street parking nearby for about $5 or less for two hours. Plenty of time!

Here are some photos from our visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art:



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