You May Have More Money And Not Even Know It

Take a look at your bank balance, and you would think that you know how much money you have. This, however, is not the case. The majority of people have more money than they think they do, it’s just that it’s tied up in other things. The key is to take steps to unlock these funds. What you’re currently earning is not your full financial worth; as we’ll see below, there are plenty of other ways to boost your income. Here’s how.

Asking for a Rise

People seem to have a misunderstanding about their role in their job. It is not a master/subject situation, where your boss calls the shots, and you have to accept whatever they say. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, or at least should be. If you’ve been working hard and know that you’re a valued, perhaps even irreplaceable member of the team, then you’re within your right to ask for a raise, especially if the business is doing well. There’s a way to go about this, of course, but you’d be surprised just how often bosses are receptive to the idea. They’re not going to just come around and offer it to you, though – you have to ask.

Your Legal Rights

You’re not out there in the world, struggling all on your own. There are systems in place to help you fight for your rights, so that if those rights are compromised, you have somewhere to turn. Let’s say you were in a car accident, and you’re finding it difficult to claim the compensation that is rightfully yours. Instead of just accepting that that’s how things go, you can contact Sibley Dolman – personal injury lawyer, and fight for the money that’s rightfully yours. Some people accept their bad luck, not realizing that if they fight their corner, they could boost their financial situation considerably.

Clutter in the House

You’ll likely have spent years accumulating belongings. But how often do you get rid of things? If you’re like most people, then probably never. This might turn out to be a good thing, however, as there’s every chance that you have hundreds of dollars worth of unused goods in your home, if not more. Go through your home and see what’s there – and then get to selling. You might just find that your income for next month is very pretty indeed.

A Skill to Sell

A hobby is enjoyable for its own sake, but if you get to a high level, then it might also become a moneymaker. If you’re getting good at a skill that other people want – let’s say, playing the guitar – then look at selling lessons. It’ll only take a couple of hours a week, but might just make a difference to your financial situation.

Shared Economy

Finally, look at putting the things that are already yours to work. A spare room can bring in a lot of money, as can a car parking space, if you live in a popular commuting area. Don’t accept dead spaces when there’s money to be made!

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