Cut The Cord: Save Money On Cable

Have you been considering cutting the cord when it comes to cable? We did it. And we’ll never go back!

It’s easy to want to give up cable tv when you get a big bill in the mail. Our monthly bill for cable and internet from Time Warner Cable was $130 a month after tax and equipment. We had well over 100 channels, DVR and 20 mb/s internet. But $130 per month was almost a week’s take home pay for one of us. I hated it. Before we got married, I never had cable other than growing up at home. Living on my own, I’ve always been naturally cheap. I only conceded to getting cable for my husband’s sake. But now, after a fair share of research, we are now free of a cable bill.

Here are some ways you can cut the cord and save money on cable!

1. Buy an antenna. If you own an HDTV, most sets have built in converters these days. So stop by Walmart or pick up this antenna on Amazon for under $10. This is the exact same one we have. In the Pittsburgh area we are able to get about 20 channels. We’re able to watch the major networks as well as PBS, RetroTV, Country Music, Qubo, MyTV, etc. Couple it with the SmartTV app as a TV guide and tuner for those difficult to key channels like 11-1 and we’re set. All these channels are FREE and in HD. The quality is better than what you get from cable companies because it is true digital, it isn’t being compressed and then delivered to your set. To see what channels you could get for free in your area, use

2. Negotiate. If you’re not willing to cut the cord completely, try calling into your cable provider and negotiating a better price. I used to help people consolidate or bundle their deals for a nationally recognized provider. My tip? Tell them you are wanting to disconnect due to pricing. Don’t tell them you’re moving, you’ll get routed around. And around. And around. When I helped customers, I discovered some who had never had sale pricing applied. If you get a good rep and are willing to bundle services, they will work with you and get you a decent deal. But don’t go in expecting to get cable for less than $35 a month. That just doesn’t happen. And if you tell me you’re paying $15 for local channels… Please read #1 above.

3. Go internet only. If you have a computer, you can visit networks official sites and catch up on the latest episode for free. Not all networks utilize this, but it is worth it to check it out to see if your favorite shows are indeed online for free. Even YouTube has free full length movies these days!

4. Subscribe. Stemming off of number 3 above, there are subscription services. Hulu is good for independent movies and next day air episodes of popular shows like MasterChef & America’s Got Talent. Netflix is good for old episodes/seasons and a wide range of popular movies. Amazon Prime is much like Netflix but focused more on movies, however there are a ton of other benefits to getting Prime not related to tv.

5. Get a device. The initial cost may take awhile to offset, but if you already have an xbox, ps3, ipad, kindle, apple tv etc, you can use it to watch movies and tv episodes. The marketplace of the device itself will have things available as well as the app store will host Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, YouTube and other apps.

In our home, we use a combination of the antenna and subscription based services via our xbox to keep up on our favorite things. How do you save on the TV/cable bill?

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