Best things to do in South Carolina

In the state of South Carolina, you are sure never to get bored! This state can offer you countless thrills through the wonderful landscapes and attractions it offers. If you are really interested in the history of the place, the visits to prominent zoos, or the moments by the sea, you will definitely enjoy your time in South Carolina. So it may be the first time you visit this state, but trust us, it will not be the last. That is why with today’s article, we will help you in your wandering in this state so that you discover all those things that will make you love it.

Charleston Historic District

The Charleston Historic District is home to over 1,400 historical buildings that are still impressive today. Whether you are a fan of history or not, this area will spark your interest. Explore the entire historical site of ​​the area, with the famous architecture of its buildings that definitely have something to give you. For the best possible experience, choose the guided tour using a carriage, which will provide another character to your whole experience. Visit the Old Confederate Museum to learn essential details of the Civil War and book your visit to one of the fantastic restaurants in the area famous for their outstanding cuisine.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is probably the perfect place to visit with your family in the state of North Carolina, as it offers excellent beach attractions, stunning beaches, and modern golf courses to practice your skills. You can head to the Ripley Aquarium during your visit, take a leisurely stroll by the sea, and go shopping on Broadway at the Beach. All these fantastic beaches and attractions of the area are ideal for relaxing family moments, as evidenced by the 13 million tourists who visit the place every year.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston

This earthly plant paradise is located in Charleston and was created in 1676 by the Drayton family. In this expansive space is the family house, but the beautiful plants that decorate the area with their colors attract the most attention. These huge gardens also contain elements of wildlife, such as animals, etc. Make sure you are equipped with binoculars to observe all those rare and beautiful waterfowl found in the broader area. It is also recommended that you rent a bike and explore this flowery maze of places.

Caesars Head State Park, Cleveland

Traveling to Greenville County, you will find Caesars Head State Park with its rich flora and stunning views that will enchant every visitor. A place that combines the mountainous and forest beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers dozens of outdoor activities for all those looking for adventure. You can drive to this place using a vehicle, which you may already own or rent at an affordable price. Enjoy Travel, for example, offers fantastic prices on rental cars so that you can move around the state of South Carolina easily, safely, and reliably. Using your car, you will head to the park, where you will find over 50 miles of scenic trails waiting for you to explore by hiking. In the evening, you can also spend the night in one of the dozens of campsites in the area to experience your ultimate connection with Mother Nature.

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