Spend Money While Still Saving: 3 Useful Websites

Are you cheap? Well? Wait, don’t answer that. You’re here after all. As forward as it might sound, who isn’t cheap nowadays? Everyone would rather spend less money than more money if they had the choice, unless you just happen to suffer from oniomania, more commonly known as being a “shopaholic”. Even then, the people spending the money probably regret it soon after when they struggle to pay rent a week down the line. Money is there to be spent, that’s for sure, but it sure does hurt letting it go sometimes. Everyone seemingly wants your money nowadays, and if you’re not careful in one way or another, you’ll just end up giving your riches away to anyone who prints a colourful billboard. Of course, other than just not spending money at all, there are ways to just save money while still buying things like normal. If that sounds appealing to you, then keep on reading, as we will now go through just a few ways in which you can do just that. In fact, you can do it without even leaving your chair.

Specific websites

The internet is as wonderful as it is horrifying, and it is also as useful as it is a gigantic procrastination tool. If you’ve never heard of some of the following websites, then one can only feel bad for you, as they just so happen to be some of the best in the business and have saved money for more people around the world than you might think.


Everyone flies around the world nowadays, it’s no big deal, but despite how common it may be, the prices for travelling by plane is still somewhat high nowadays. With a website like Skyscanner you can not only stay on top of what flights are available, you can pick out very appealingly-priced flights at your leisure from your phone or PC.

Asset Column

You know what takes money? Middlemen in businesses. Do you know how to cut out middlemen from the equation altogether? Probably not, until now. Asset Column is a website which connects buyers and sellers, without the need for an actual middleman, as the site itself does that. If you’re planning on buying or selling property anytime soon, then this one is definitely worth your time.


While some people have been vehemently supporting eBay and Amazon for the past decade or so as the go-to place to get your shopping for considerably cheaper, a new player is in town for the past few years. Everyone knows that buying in bulk is cheaper, but not everyone has the chance to go and buy 50 pairs of headphones or 60 keyboards they want just for the potential “value” purchase. This is where Massdrop comes in, a website where people choose to participate in group purchases, and when enough people get involved, the product gets bought in bulk, for cheaper, and then sent out to whoever purchased it. Sure, you might not have next-day delivery like Amazon Prime provides, but for the average oniomaniac , this is a great way to get your shop on while still being able to actually pay rent by the end of the month.

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