5 Ways To Save Money On City Accommodation

Planning a city break? Hotels in cities can often be expensive, but there are ways to pay less you’re your stay. Here are just a few ways to spend less on city accommodation.

Time your trip right

Hotel prices can often vary depending on when you plan to stay. If you’ve been thinking of getaway to Paris or New York but haven’t settled on a date, be wary of booking it in summer or in December around Christmas as these are the busiest and therefore most expensive times. Planning your stay off-season between January and May or between September and November is likely to be cheaper (although you may want to avoid visiting cities during national events such as Rio de Janeiro during the carnival or Beijing during Chinese New Year).

If these times aren’t possible, consider a weekday trip instead or a weekend city break. This too can save you money – hotels have less demand during weekdays and are more likely to run promotions.

Book far in advance or book last minute

Booking your stay nine months to a year in advance might also give you access to cheaper room prices – you may even get a free upgrade thrown in. Contrastingly, some hotels may also offer last minute discounts as a way of ensuring any empty rooms are full, although this is usually a riskier strategy.

Avoid the city centre

You’ll pay more for staying close to the hub of activity. Staying on the outskirts could mean having to get public transport into the centre to see the sights, but overall you could still spend a lot less. You should also look out for hotels with public transport links. For saving money on a Venice trip, there are plenty of hotels outside with bus links – you may not get to wake up to the sights and sounds of the city, but it could give you more money to spend on food, museums and gondola rides.

Consider club memberships

There are many hotels such as Tudor Park Marriott Hotel outside London that are part of a hotel club. Joining these clubs could give you access to cheaper rates when staying at these hotels – being part of a club, many of these hotels have to maintain a good standard. You may have to pay club fees in some cases, but if you’re an avid traveller you’re likely to make your money back.

Give hostels a go

If you’re not fussed about having all the amenities in your hotel room and are simply looking for somewhere to rest your head, why not try a hostel? You may have to share a room with other people, but you’ll pay a tiny fraction of the price of a hotel. Many hostels have their own exciting character such as this Monastery Hostel in Milan and this Pop Art Hostel in Belgrade. If you’re travelling solo, they’re also great places to meet other travellers and make friends.

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