Easy Ways To Reduce Day To Day Spending

Those that live paycheck to paycheck know just how many expenses there are in life that can throw you off course and create financial strain. There are, of course, many expenditures which are simply unavoidable, but there are also lots which could be reduced or cut out completely. Often these are small factors, but they could end up saving you a small fortune in the long run. With this in mind, here are a few easy ways that you could cut the costs of day to day life – eve-ry little helps, and you will certainly notice the difference down the line.


Everyone needs to get from A to B, whether it is going to work, popping down the shops or meeting up with friends. The easiest way is usually to jump in the car or to book an Uber, but both of these methods can be very expensive and especially if you travel a lot. Instead, try walk-ing if it is short distance or cycle if it is further. In addition to being completely free, it is also great for your physical and mental health and can be thoroughly enjoyable on a nice day.

Cost of Socializing

It can be nice to meet up for a spot of lunch or to meet in town for a coffee when socializing with friends, but it is certainly not cheap and especially if you are doing this a few times a week. Try to scale back the cost of socializing by suggesting cheaper or free ways that you can enjoy each other’s company. A few options include inviting them round for lunch, going for a walk in the park or going to an art gallery.


It can be frustrating when you are working on a tight monthly budget to suddenly remember that you have somebody’s birthday coming up. Instead of splashing the cash on a card and present, consider using software to create a personal and custom card, as buying cards for every birthday can quickly add up. If possible, see if you can spend time with the individual instead of buying a present. This may not be an option, especially for kids, in which case always look online to see if you could save money on the gift anywhere and take advantage of deals like 10% off your first order.


Food is, of course, a necessity, but it is also one of the easiest ways to make savings. You can do this by cutting down on the weekly shop to essentials, opting for budget brands and by making lunches for work/school from home instead of buying whilst you are out.

These are a few of the key areas that you can make big savings over the course of the year. They may only seem like small expenses, but they can very quickly add up without you noticing. If you are able to combine all of the above, it could have a significant impact on your savings without interfering with your day to day life too much.

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