5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Money

There are people in society who live without money, but for the most part, it’s something that affects everyone. It’s something that’s always on our mind, something that’s always there and not there, something we take for granted but would also, maybe, happily live without. But if we are going to live with (it looks like it’s here to stay), then there are some things we need to know. Because when we break it down, it suddenly doesn’t look quite as scary.

You Can Always Go Cheaper

Because money is relatively arbitrary, it’s more malleable than we usually realize. For example, we don’t have to pay sticker price if we think it’s too much. No matter what you’re buying, there’s always a way to go cheaper. Problems arise when we think we don’t have a choice. If we feel like we HAVE to pay the price or go without, we’ll usually just pay it, but not be happy about it! Instead, take some time to see if there’s a way to go cheaper. If you search for long enough, you’ll figure out that there always is.

You Can Have It All

Another myth says that you can only do certain things if you’re wealthy. The world existed before money was dominant, and people were still doing things then! The thing is that money does have its uses. It makes it EASIER to do some things, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do them without being rich. Take travel. Everyone, regardless of their bank balance, can travel. It’s just that some people will stay in a five-star hotel and others will stay in a hostel. Modify your dreams to match your budget, don’t give up on them altogether!

Debt Isn’t Always Bad

Whenever you hear about debt, it’s usually in the context of something negative. Like someone who had $100,000 worth of debt and lost everything, or something. But this is incorrect, not to mention damaging, information. Not all debts are equal. Buying an expensive car on finance is a bad idea. Getting a business loan from Magilla Loans to fund your business may be a good idea. It’s fine to take on debt if it may lead to improved finances (rather than just a “dead” loan that doesn’t lead anywhere, as in the case of buying a car).

A Safety Net Will Always Serve You Well

For some people, money is tight, so they don’t want to think about having a safety net or doing anything with their money other than getting by. But there is no-one who puts money away into savings or a safety net that ends up regretting it. When something bad happens, you’ll be beyond relieved that you had the foresight to put some money to one side.

You Can Always Take Control

Finally, remember that no financial circumstances are absolute! It’s always possible to overcome poor money decisions and start anew. You just have to take control and plot your path out. You’ll get there eventually!

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