4 Tips To Ensure You Are Recruiting The Right People

Recruiting the right people to fill vacant positions within your company can be a long and costly process, which is why it’s important to try and get it right the first time around. So if you have some job positions that need to be filled here are 4 tips to ensure you are recruiting the right people.

  1. Write an accurate job description

    When writing a job description there’s always the temptation provide a sort of ‘highlight reel’ of the job specification, after all, you want to attract as many applicants as possible right? Well, in fact, this really isn’t the best strategy and could leave you at risk of misrepresenting the role and hiring someone who isn’t fit for the skills it requires. Even if the position is going to be hard work and involves many responsibilities, it is better to be open and honest about the good, the bad and the ugly at this stage rather than hire someone for a shadow of the real role and find they are disappointed when they realise what it actually entails.

  2. Promote the role through your social media

    Supporters of your company will often follow you on social media which makes it a great place to post your job advertisements. If a prospective applicant finds your role through your business content on your social media, the chances are that they already know your company and what you stand for which can make them a better fit for your company culture. In addition to displaying your adverts to fans and supporters, social media will often also get your job advertisement in front of competitors which could lead to one of their employee’s jumping ship if they feel you have a better deal to offer. Taking on a competitors employee can come with some advantages such as industry knowledge.

  3. Post the role to more specific job boards

    Posting your job advertisement to the biggest and most popular job boards may put your advertisement in front of more people but the wuality of the candidates you find there may be questionable. Instead, try to find more niche job boards which relate to your sector or industry such as Practice Match who specialises in matching practitioners to practices. By posting to these more niche job boards you can be sure that your advert is in front of the right applicant demographic which acts in the same way as a pre-screening process ensuring that only the right people apply for your job.

  4. Have a thorough interview process

    Even if you need to make a hire for your position pronto, don’t be tempted to skip a thorough interview process. Just because a candidate may look perfect for the role on paper does not mean that they will make a good cultural fit into your organisation and someone with the wrong attitude or personality may cause tension within your team leading to greater issues later down the line. Be sure to conduct at least one face to face interview and consider having a member of your team in the room with you to hear their thoughts as well. Ask a range of questions to help you understand the persons background but also to get an idea of who they are as an individual.

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