How Your Health is Influenced by the Mattress You Have

These days, it seems like people cannot agree on much. Differences are the spice of life, and people’s opinions certainly do vary on all sorts of topics. However, one notable exception is sleep. Almost everyone agrees that people need not only quantity but also quality of sleep. In fact, some experts argue that quality is even more important than quantity.

Even if you are sleeping a lot, you may not be sleeping well. Waking up a lot in the night, snoring, aches and more are all giant warning signs that your mattress may need to be replaced. Here is how to figure out what mattress you need to purchase at your nearest NYC location specializing in mattress sales, based on your sleep problems and preferences.

A Mattress to Reduce Tossing and Turning

If you have a tendency to toss and turn, it usually means a couple of issues are present. First, your mattress may not relieve enough pressure from key areas, such as your hips or shoulders. When you feel discomfort or pain, you may reflexively toss in your sleep. Second, your mattress may not be cradling your body properly when you sleep.

Ideally, any new mattress you choose should be firm enough to provide comfort and keep your body aligned. At the same time, it should have some give. It is that cushioning effect that can help you stay more still when you sleep. Therefore, when visiting mattress seller locations, you need to look for mattresses that meet those needs. Staff in the store of your choice can help.

A Mattress to Relieve Back Pain

If you deal with the daily craziness of life in New York City, you have to be at the top of your game. You can’t participate in your favorite daily activities effectively when your back is aching. You also may not like the stiffness and cracking noises you may experience in your neck and back every morning.

If you have any of those troubles, it is a sign that your back is not in proper alignment throughout the night when you are asleep. But purchasing a new mattress that gives that proper alignment is easier said than done. That is because you require different mattress traits to accomplish spine alignment, depending on how you sleep.

As a stomach sleeper, you want a mattress that “sinks” slightly but not too much, providing a cradling effect. If you are a back sleeper, you might need a much more firm mattress to keep your back supported. Similarly, your body shape and weight has a lot to do with the type of back support you need during sleep. The experts at your local store can assess those factors for you.

A Mattress to Stop or Lessen Snoring

Snoring is a problem faced by many sleepers. Not only does it indicate you may be having difficulty breathing during sleep, but it can also disturb your spouse. It often happens when your airway is partially obstructed during sleep.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you are more prone to snoring, especially when sleeping on a mattress with too much give. Sinking too far down into the mattress can easily cut off your ability to breathe properly. Buying a new mattress with just the right level of support versus softness is a great solution.

Making Sure You Choose the Right Mattress

In some cases, you may have to deal with more than one sleeping problem. That can make finding a mattress that solves your problems a bit more complicated. However, mattress store experts are always on hand to help. Once you find the mattress that works for you, you should see a marked improvement in your energy and concentration capabilities, as well as your physical health.

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