4 Cheap But Efficient Ways To Secure Your Home

Your home is a safe place, yet there are always risks. Statistics have shown a home burglary every 30 seconds in the United States. This means two burglars each minute and about 3,000 cases every day. This means that there is a need to increase your home’s security to ensure that you, your family, and your investments are kept safe. However, some security measures can be expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to break your bank to secure your property. Here are four inexpensive ways to secure your home and make your family safe.

  1. Light up your home

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Nobody dislikes the spotlight more than burglars, criminals, and vandals. Lighting up your home with ample outdoor lighting is cost-effective to keep intruders away. Place lights around your front and backyards, pathways. You should also consider placing lights in areas near your garage and other outdoor structures, as intruders tend to lay low when they are dark. Consider installing motion-activated lights, solar-powered lighting, or smart light bulbs to schedule a more secure outdoor lighting system.

  1. Secure your doors and windows

Most burglars gain access to your property from your front door and windows. Therefore, it is vital to inspect all your doors and windows to ensure their frames are strong and the hinges are well protected. If your doors have mail slots, be sure that these do not serve as means for intruders to manipulate your doors to gain access to your home. Another way of securing your doors is by changing the locks, especially if you have previously moved home or lost your house keys. Be sure your windows are not easily accessible by putting metal guards behind them or planting a short, prickly shrub to fend off intruders.

  1. Install door reinforcement hardware

It is fine to spend hundreds on some elegant pick-proof deadbolt to burglar-proof your front door. However, that will do little if you intend to keep out burglars from accessing your home. You’ll be surprised that most burglars can’t pick locks and either body slam or kick your door to split the door jamb and walkthrough. Fortunately, there is good news. To secure what’s inside your home, consider strengthening your door and jamb with reinforced hardware that will stop intruders and criminals right in their tracks.

  1. Insure your home

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Home insurance is vital if you want to secure your home and belongings. Burglars can breach even the best burglar-proof homes. For this reason, it is practical to ensure your belongings against theft, destruction, and damages from tornadoes, fires, and other life events. When such events occur, you can benefit from home insurance premiums to help you replace or repair any damages in your property.

Besides natural disasters, some home insurance packages like renters insurance can compensate for damages from artificial hazards like vandalism, theft, and fire. You can visit insurance companies such as Zimmerman Insurance group (zimmerinsurance.com) for affordable packages to protect your home and family.

There’s no reason to have poor security measures in your home. Implementing these measures would protect your home and your wallet!

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