3 Tips To Save Money On A House Move

Aside from the buying-and-selling part, moving home is a super expensive task. You are required to transport all your belongings to a new home, city, state, or even a new country – costing you thousands of dollars in the process. Additionally, things can often go wrong or be delayed, making it much harder to save money on the moving process.

If you are searching for ways to save money on your house move, you would be surprised at just how much you can do for free while moving house! In this blog we will take a look at 3 tips for saving money on your move.

Take free legal advice

Many people believe that hiring a lawyer is expensive, complicated and messy. This is not the case, if you know where to find your advice. If you are moving house to a new country, you will need a lawyer to talk you through the immigration process, and believe it or not, you can access free immigration advice in every country in the world!

This can be accessed from a citizens’ advice bureau; lawyers who work pro bono for low income families; or simply using a volunteer legal service for immigration.

Even if you aren’t moving to a new country, it still might be wise to consult a lawyer when buying a new home and moving there. When it comes to surveying, fees, closing the contracts and other financial matters, legal advice is always helpful.

Ask friends to pitch in

One of the biggest costs associated with moving house is that of transporting your belongings. Moving companies charge a fortune to load, transport and unload all your furniture and other items out of the old home and into the new one. While moving companies will be necessary for the largest items, such as beds, sofas or dressers, the majority of things in your home can be put into the back of a standard car.

To reduce the cost of the moving company, you could ask friends to pitch in their time to help you move stuff over. Not only will this save you money, but it should be pretty fun too! You can make memories while moving into your new home, which is always a lovely thing to do.

Do a ‘gradual move’

The most expensive moves happen in one day. Like a smooth-running operation, the moving trucks arrive, neatly pack everything, and the new home is full of furniture before you know it. This is a nice idea, but in reality, most people can’t afford this kind of move.

However, gradual moves are much less expensive than one-day operations. While it might be more efficient to do things the expensive way, gradually moving your things over a period of weeks can help you save money.

Final Thoughts

If you are moving house soon, you should use this blog to help you save your pennies during the process. Moves are always going to be a little pricey, but these tips should help shave dollars off that price!

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