4 Areas Where Restaurant Owners Can’t Afford To Be Cheap

If you’re talented in the kitchen and love cooking, there are few more rewarding areas in which to pursue a career. When you dedicate yourself to the culinary arts, your passion for food can help you to work through the long hours, stressful conditions and plethora of cuts and burns that come from a life spent in the kitchen. A career in food can also propel your career to new heights and even propel you into entrepreneurship. But if you are able to secure the funding, find the right premises and create your very own restaurant, you run the risk of creating a rod for your own back if you are of a thrifty disposition.

There’s a time for saving money and a time for making money, and while there are some occasions were you can do both, it’s not always sustainable in business. More than many other entrepreneurs, a restaurateur needs to be cognizant of the ways in which their thriftiness can have a negative impact upon their business. With this in mind, here are some areas in which restaurant owners cannot afford to be cheapskates…


Even a skilled chef can’t make a grade A meal out of grade C ingredients. Just like a builder can’t make a sturdy house out of dodgy bricks, a chef needs the best raw materials if they’re to create the kinds of dishes that will build a reputation for their restaurant in a crowded and extremely competitive market place. Just think of how many restaurants, take out chains and ready meal brands use “only the best and freshest ingredients” as an integral part of their marketing. Second rate or less than fresh ingredients can not only mire your reputation they can also endanger your patrons’ health.


Many new restaurateurs massively underestimate the importance of accounting in their daily operations. They are chefs first and business people second, and as such it’s essential not only to spend plenty of time in the office rather than the kitchen, but to invest in the right accounting software. Have a look at Restaurant Solutions Inc. to see how the right accounting software can help your business. Good accounting software can help to calculate the cost and profit margin of every meal you prepare which is vital for managing your cash flow. It can help you ensure that your staff and creditors are paid on time and that your restaurant never becomes mired in debt.


Your restaurant’s success depends largely upon your ability to manage the kitchen and the business elements of your restaurant harmoniously. And you can only do this if you have the faith in your kitchen staff to be able to leave them to do their thing and spend more time in the office.


As tempting as it may be to keep your appliance costs low when starting out, it’s good to remember that old, unreliable or poor quality appliances can cost your restaurant way more than they save. An unreliable refrigerator can waste a fortune in spoiled goods just as a faulty oven can lead to unevenly cooked food, long wait times and serious bottlenecking of your kitchen’s production chain.

By all means save money wherever you can, but these 4 areas deserve your respect and your investment.

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