The pandemic brought several challenges to access basic essentials like grocery items and medication. However, major brands brought their businesses online and existing retailers sold all necessities at affordable rates. For instance, Instacart can be used to shop online and order products at discounted rates, while claiming curbside pickup to avoid spreading the virus.

If you wish to save a hefty sum on your grocery lists, make sure to redeem Instacart coupons and bag up to $15 savings on groceries and household goods along with added benefits of free home delivery.

Here’s a list of grocery items you can buy from online retailers without going over budget:

  1. Fresh produce

Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals from fresh seasonal produce. Order fruit baskets or edible arrangements like salads containing fresh fruits or vegetables. Naturally grown, pesticide and chemical-free organic vegetables rich in fiber and key nutrients can be delivered to your doorstep regularly.

  1. Eatables

Munchies including chips, nachos, cookies, dried fruits and nuts, nutritional snacks like energy bars and more can be bought online along with breakfast cereals. Other healthy options like natural organic food products, gluten-free snacks, rice crackers, yogurt, oatmeal bars can also satisfy your carb cravings.

  1. Quick easy meals

Fix a quick meal or curb cravings at odd hours with easy meals that are refrigerated, shelf-stable, and can be served hot by swift heating. Ramen noodle soup, canned broth, cup noodles and other instant foods like porridge, pudding, oatmeal, rice and curry, sauce mixes are quick fixes.

  1. Meat and seafood

Ordering online meat in customized sections, varied selection of cuts with scheduled delivery ensures you get fresh meat by the time you drive home from work. Regionally caught seafood in different varieties helps to support local fishermen, guarantees better quality and quick deliveries thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

  1. Deli and bakery

Pre-packaged items like sliced meat, cheese, salads, soups, sandwiches have now revitalized to serve appetizers, entrees and other prepared nutritional meals packaged with additional safety. You can save time and energy in organizing a party by ordering cake and other bakery products online or send them as a surprise to another address.

  1. Candy and beverages

Colorful candies, classic treats, chocolate bars, fruit or nutty chocolates, an assortment of exquisite offerings appeal to children and adults alike. Some stores also stock subscription or gift boxes online. Fresh fruit juices, chocolate beverages, milo, coffee, instant tea with powdered milk or freeze-dried fruit fluids, fruit-flavored drinks further expand sweet cravings.

  1. Health products

Address health problems by getting wellness products delivered at your own convenience from stores that operate 24×7. You can also research vitamins, supplements, and other products before buying them. Some stores offer online consultation, allow you to compare different products, and help you order healthy snacks, multivitamins, and essential medication.

  1. Generic prescription drugs

To order medication online all you have to do is simply upload a picture of your prescription or share a digital copy to the pharmacy and ensure the transaction is safely regulated. For elderly people or those who are confined indoors, ordering medicines through online pharmacies or local retailers that operate digitally has proved to be very convenient.

  1. Personal care products

Essentials like paper towels, facial tissues, cleansing wipes, etc. for external use helps to protect the body from dust whereas deodorants and antiperspirants prevent bad odor. Antibacterial sanitary napkins and wipes, tampons, menstrual cups for regular and travel purposes provide a perfect fit and ensure you face no discomfort throughout.

  1. Other toiletries

Choose from a huge range of eco-friendly products and order online to claim savings on bath and shower products or use time-saving automatic order refills and shop seamlessly. Products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit are general products available as body hygiene essentials.

  1. Hygiene products

In addition to female hygiene products like sanitary napkins and tampons, nail clippers, tweezers, hair removal kits with razors are essential products. Likewise, items like mouthwash and dental floss, cleanser for skincare, hygienic feminine care products, sanitizer, and basic first aid kit are popular items in this category.

  1. Cleaning supplies

Keep your home and surroundings hygienic by mopping the floor, cleaning window panes, washing the outdoor area, and getting rid of dust from vehicle interiors. Prevent dust allergies, airborne diseases, and respiratory issues using a vacuum cleaner, ultramodern floor mops, window cleaning tools, and other washing equipment that can be used to scrub different surfaces effortlessly.

  1. Daily fundamentals

Set your daily routine right with simple fundamentals like sunscreen, moisturizer, lotions, foundation, primer, lipstick, highlighters, brushes, cleansing wipes, and other essentials. Cosmetics like body lotion, anti-aging treatment, blemish removal creams or spot healers, serum, fragrances or scented perfumes, styling tools, and other makeup essentials are top favorites.

  1. Skin and hair care

Nourishing shower foam, hydrating lip balm, face mask, a facial moisturizer with SPF, and other skincare products keep the dermal layer clean and hydrated. Shampoo + conditioner for different hair types, hair oil, therapeutic and nourishing treatments, heat protection spray, volumizer, shine serum, and setting gel are used to stylize strands.

  1. Eyecare

Using eye cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles, under eye serum, night cream, can be used to complete an eye care routine. For sensitive eyes or contact lens users, remove makeup using hypoallergenic products. Opt for mascara and eyeliner that are safe and do not cause any allergy or irritation.

Online retailers like Instacart, Aldi, Walmart Grocery, Walgreens, Kroger, etc. are affordable shopping destinations for domestic essentials, grocery, and prescription medicine. They offer a selection of products, commitment to customer service, and allow usage of coupons, promotional codes, seasonal sales, online deals that can help users claim savings and perks on app/website purchases.

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