3 DIY Ways To Save Money From Home

Hey big spender!

It seems we’re all constantly trying to save, but the elusive art of shrewd spending is hard to master in a modern world that seems to charge at every opportunity.

If you’re desperate to cut back on your expenditure, spend a little time with this money saving blog to find out how you can DIY your way to wealth!

1. Become a domestic god(dess)

With such hectic daily lives and little time as it is, many of us would rather pay a little extra for the sake of convenience.

Unfortunately, doing that too often can really rack up the costs, and you’d be surprised at what can be done from home to save a few pounds.

Skills like sewing can come in extremely useful and will enable you to get some extra mileage out of your wardrobe. If you’re really up for a challenge, you could even try making your own clothes – there’s little you can’t do with a sewing machine and some cheap fabric! Alternatively, charity shop clothes can be jazzed up with a little know-how to make a snazzy new ensemble.

If you can’t already, learn to cook – even a handful of quick and cheap recipes in your repertoire can save on costs, particularly if you’re saving leftovers for lunches the following day.

Mastering simple skills like these, while time consuming, really cut costs where convenience tends to conquer our finances.

2. Study from home

Student loans don’t come cheap and studying can be expensive. While an ambitious academic can’t escape certain costs, there are ways to cut back on the expenditures of higher education

While it isn’t necessary DIY, distance learning requires a degree (pun not intended) of self-motivation as there is no physical campus. Highly flexible learning method can be done from home, and does not require a move or commute, both of which can be extremely costly.

Courses from ARU Distance Learning are designed to fit around busy lifestyles, meaning that that your return to education doesn’t have to mean giving up your current job. Qualifications are also a long-term investment, as it can expand your career opportunities and earning potential, and for a savvy saver, remote education is the smart way to learn.

3. Never pay full price.

Saving money doesn’t mean cutting out any unnecessary expenditure – we all need a treat every once in a while!

But you can have your cake and save it too, with sites all over the internet dedicated to helping shoppers find money saving deals.

Don’t feel like cooking? Find a discount code for delivery. Fancy a family day out? Check cereal boxes and daily papers for coupons.

Signing up to mailing lists is always a great way to get exclusive bargains that would otherwise fly under the radar, giving you a guilt-free way to treat yourself.

These three tips are sure to help you stretch the pounds a little further and put aside for the future.

Any money-saving hacks, tips or tricks of your own? Spill your secrets in the comments below!

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