What’s Your Next Blogging Move?

When you’re a blogger or a vlogger or a social media personality, you may be looking for your next move. Maybe you started this out as a hobby, but now you want to be able to take it to the next level? To do that, you have to be really focused and come up with a plan. Because it can be hard to try and move on up. But, it’s not impossible. So here are some ideas for you to consider.

1. Creating A Content Series

First of all, you might like to think about scheduling in some content. If you tend to find that you just post content out as and when you feel like it, coming up with a content schedule, or choosing to start a content series can be a great idea for you to try and do this as more of a career choice.

2. Making Money

So, you may want to make money too. Make sure that you start researching monetization options that would work best for your blog.

3. Growing Your Following

Or maybe the thing that you really want to do, is to grow your following. If you’ve found that you really want to be able to make a go of this, and get your blog to the next level, growth matters. And it doesn’t happen as an accident. It’s something that you really have to work on. To help you, take a look at the infographic below. While this is specific to YouTube, you will find that lot’s of the key points apply to blogging and other forms of social media too.

Infographic Design By the SMM agency Social Media Daily

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