Ways to travel the world as cheaply as possible

Everyone wants to travel the world but the reason most people don’t is because it can cost a lot of money. As disappointing as that might be, there is a way to travel the world on a shoestring budget. Here are some of the best ways to travel without blowing the bank.


Using a train is one of the most popular options for travelling around Europe. Known as Interrailing, it is an easy way to travel across the continent. With your ticket, you get access to 40,000 destinations in 33 countries. Interrail tickets cost a fraction of a plane ticket and you don’t have to set an itinerary. You can simply travel at your own pace.


Travelling by air is always going to be the more expensive option but it is possible to get your tickets cheaper. Using sites such as Skyscanner, you can find the cheapest tickets for your destination. But traveling at off peak times can save you a lot of money. Even being flexible about the time you fly at can save you a few dollars on a flight.


If you look at a map, it is clear that the landmasses of the world are pretty huge, so why not explore them in your own car? New Roads Auto Loans can get you on the road if you don’t own your own car. One of the longest road trips is the Pan American Highway which is nearly 30,000 miles long with plenty to see along the way.


Boats come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny ferries to giant ocean liners, there is something to get you across the water. If you are using your own car, it is possible to take it around the globe using a big boat from time to time. If you are island hopping, it is possible to hire a cheap boat for the day in order to do some exploring.

Animal helpers

As much as we all love animals and would prefer that they spend their time alone in a field, sometimes you need an animal to get places. Sledge dogs are one of the best ways to travel across frozen areas. In some places, you can buy a cheap room and board if you agree to help out with the animal care.

Your own feet

Have you ever thought about popping your boots on and walking to where you want to go? It’s not impossible to travel the world on your own two feet but it isn’t recommended by most people. But still, using your legs to travel is probably the oldest and cheapest way to get from place to place. All you need to do in this case is invest in a good quality pair of walking boots and a bit of research before you go.

Whatever way you decide to travel the world, just remember, the journey is part of the fun, so make it memorable and have fun. You never know what amazing stories you will collect on the way.

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