Thrift Store Finds – Great Deal On GPS

You never know what you may find visiting your local thrift store. Our Goodwill gets in brand new items from Target on a regular basis. So I always make sure to peruse the locked glass case to see what high end items they have for sale.
One such occasion I found this handy beauty, a TomTom GPS. There was a whole stack of them sitting in the case. I had been shopping for a GPS for a few months, but didn’t want to shell out over $100 for one with lifetime updates. It was important to me that we could update it so it wouldn’t become obsolete quickly like inexpensive models do, but I never could jump in and bite the bullet for a $115 model that seemed to be the best price I could get at Best Buy.
But then I found this lovely GPS at Goodwill:
How much? Just $25. Brand new in an unopened box. Included a warranty and lifetime updates. God provided exactly what we needed. We often travel to see friends, and I happened upon this deal when my husband and I both were on our smartphone fast. We needed it to get around Pennsylvania safely.
What deals have you found lately at the thrift store?


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