Cheap Date Idea – Visit A Pet Store

This is one of my favorite free date ideas! Visit your local pet store and meet some fun furry critters.

The Petland near my parent’s house is the best pet store I’ve ever been to. Almost all the cages are open, there are tons of helpful staff, there are pens so that you can interact one on one with animals and they encourage you see and touch up close.

Growing up, my dad would take us in to see the bunnies. We would never buy a thing, but we could spend a good hour or more watching the animals and holding bunnies or birds. And if you want, you can even talk to a staff member and learn more about the animals.

Here I am holding a bird…

I look a littler terrified, but the bird was actually very sweet, it just wanted to sit on my shoulder. I wasn’t comfortable with that, to say the least. And now I want a bird someday. Lol.

Have you ever visited a pet store “just because” or for a nice way to kill time? Try it as part of a date night!

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