These Are The 5 Types Of Lawyers You Might Need In Your Life

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In your lifetime, you will need a lawyer at some point. It is inevitable when life happens. Whatever type of legal issue comes up, you will have the information on what kind of lawyers to talk to about it.

A DUI Lawyer

This lawyer is probably the most apparent type of lawyer you might need. If you get arrested for driving under the influence, a DUI attorney is your go-to person to help fight all charges against you.

A DUI lawyer will work with people with charges of anything from a misdemeanor, reckless driving, and vandalism to felony offenses, including vehicular manslaughter.

When looking for a reasonable DUI attorney, it’s essential to make sure they specialize in these types of cases; just having them on their resume doesn’t mean that they’re any good at fighting DUIs. Make sure to ask about their success rate.

A Personal Injury Lawyer

Will I get a settlement for my personal injury case?” you may ask yourself after an injury. A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who can help you if you’ve been injured in some way and need compensation. It might include car accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, or medical malpractice. A business law attorney may also be able to represent your best interests depending on the circumstances of the case.

An Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer is responsible for providing legal assistance to employees. They are also responsible for representing employers in administrative procedures with government agencies, including EEOC hearings and litigation before federal or state courts concerning claims of discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin or disability.

Employment lawyers may work closely with human resources departments to handle employee concerns ranging from harassment issues and unfair termination practices to sexual misconduct allegations. Employment lawyers must have a comprehensive understanding of labor laws and specific knowledge explicitly related to their firm’s industry within this field. For example, the American Bar Association states that some firms focus heavily on defense against employment disputes. In contrast, others specialize in pursuing wrongful discharge cases on behalf of plaintiffs.

In addition to employment law, employers must also comply with federal and state laws. These laws restrict activities such as asking about a potential employee’s criminal history during the initial stages of an application process or not allowing their employees to smoke on company property if their non-smoking policy covers them. Again, employment lawyers may help protect both employees and employers from legal liability in these cases.

Real Estate Lawyer

They are a common type of lawyer that people might need. For example, when buying or selling a house, it is always good to have someone who can protect your interests and make sure everything goes smoothly with the real estate transaction process.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

This lawyer will help you when your debts are more than the assets that you own. The bankruptcy lawyer needs to help you file for bankruptcy to get rid of your debt and start fresh at a new financial standing.

Domestic Relations Lawyer

This type of lawyer is known as an “Elliott” or a divorce attorney. Domestic relations lawyers can handle anything that falls into family law, including divorces, child custody cases and issues involving alimony.


In conclusion, you might need different types of lawyers depending on the circumstances. If you are looking for a lawyer, it is best to speak with an attorney who specializes in your area of concern so that they can provide you with the most significant amount of assistance possible.

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