3 Easy Side Hustles

Most of us would like to have some extra cash each month. We might need it to meet those bills, we might need it to pay off some debts, we might need to it to build our savings funds or perhaps we need it to fund that dream holiday. Whatever your reason, we also know that life is busy enough with work, home, family and friends, so today we want to share with you 3 easy side hustles, ways to earn a little extra money without it taking up too many hours of your time.

Use selling sites

The best way to start making money using selling sites, such as eBay, is to get going with unused items around your home.

Start by having a thorough declutter around your home. We appreciate that this will take up some time at this stage, but it is a worthwhile endeavour in itself. As you go through cupboard after cupboard you are very likely to find things that you have forgotten about or that you no longer need or use. These should be the first things that you list on a selling site.

Once you have got a feel for what you are doing and started to build up some good feedback, you can start getting things in with a view to sell them on. You might offer to sell items for friends and family initially, negotiating a fee from them, and then you could start buying things expressly to sell them.

You can build your own shop there and start an online business in this way. If you are regularly trading and selling overseas then it is probably worth looking into a foreign currency account.

Shop with online cashback sites

This one could not be simpler and is probably the fastest and easiest way to make a quick buck or two.

Whenever you shop, shop online and ensure that you are using an online cashback site to do so. You will not have to outlay anything extra on top of your normal shopping, but by going through a cashback site you will earn a certain percentage back on whatever you purchase.

There are many sites like this so do your research and either pick one or two that list most of the shops that you regularly buy from, or you can choose to join several and dip in and out of them when you need to.

Rent out some space

If you have any space available, you could rent it out. This might be a house or holiday let, it might be a spare room and you could take in a lodger, it might be a garage or outbuilding and people could store things there or it might be a driveaway that people could park on whilst they are at work.

Many of us have space that we do not make use of, so this is a brilliant way of making it earn cash for us, with very little effort on our part.

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