Selling at a craft fair: How to ensure maximum sales

Whether you crochet, create pots from clay, or make custom wood carvings, craft fairs can be incredibly lucrative and they have an amazing atmosphere. That said, they are not without their challenges. There are likely to be a lot of competing businesses in one space and so it is important to stand out for all the right reasons. Let’s explore how to maximize your sales at a craft fair…

Make it easy to pay

So often these days people won’t bring cash, or at least not enough cash, with them to events – this can be a barrier from them buying from you. However, if you are able to provide a secure contactless card reader you will notice how many more people are able and willing to buy from you. Making the process as simple as possible and the user experience as positive as you can has a big impact on your sales.

Get branded

You want people to know who you are, and consider checking out your work even after they have left the fair, so be sure to brand your table well. Invest in some business cards for people to take away, or to put in the bag with orders, and if you can afford some big boards or posters showcasing the name of your shop too, that will really catch people’s eye.

Be approachable

A lot of the time, part of the joy of buying from a craft fair is being able to chat to the maker of an item, so ensure you are approachable and friendly, but not too pushy and sales-focussed. Warm smiles and positive body language can go a long way! Be prepared to answer the same questions a million times and do so with grace and friendliness. If someone really likes you and feels comfortable browsing, they are more likely to buy from you.

Presentation is key

Often the devil is in the detail and you want people to look at your stall and find it impossible to walk on buy. Simple things like using a table cloth (just grab a cheap one from Target), and showcasing your wares in fun ways can make all the difference. For example, if you sell hats, maybe use some mannequin heads. Display jewelry on a stand so that it is easy to see, and utilize all the tablespace by using levels – even just propping some things up on boxes to create height will be effective.

Offer a discount

You should always ensure you are getting a decent profit from your items, as they take time, skill, and materials to make, and don’t be shamed into lowering your prices, however, if you want to shift a lot of stock at a fair, put on a simple offer like 10% off certain items, or spend $30 and get a specific product free. Upsell where possible.

Craft fairs are a fantastic place to get your work out there and some people may not buy on the day but will remember you when they’re looking for a gift in a few weeks.

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