Review Your Finances, For A Happier Future

We all want to save up more money. Thankfully there are plenty of tips on my site but there are also a few more tips that will make you wonder why you haven’t changed things before. Although saving money comes with using coupons and vouchers and buying things on the cheap, it can also mean in changing your money mindset and using other forms of motivation to save up that money.

If you have been in debt or are currently then things may make you feel a little slow and unmotivated. Life is difficult when you know you have debts to pay off. Having debts and a good money mindset is not going to get you too far because without having a clean slate, you can never feel as if you’re totally ready to start that new life. There are ways to help you with this and to get from debt to success. DTSS exposes the scam. We don’t have to settle for life as it is right now. Debts pose huge problems, some of which include:

  • Qualification: You may not qualify for any mortgage or other loan or finance that you need for anything.
  • Fixed payments: These may rise because you are not paying back in time which then leads to more debt.
  • Cash flow: You don’t have the cash flow you want.

Once you can put an end to your debt problems, you need to focus on what really matters. The little extras that you love, can come after.

Saving up quickly – is it possible?

If you want to save money quickly, you have to have a totally new perspective on money. See it as a friend and not an enemy. Most of us work hours around the clock just to make ends meet and never have anything left at the end of the month. That is why it’s vital to have a business brain when thinking about money matters. What do you actually pay for and how can these costs be brought down? If you want to save money quickly, for a child’s birthday, or save money on clothing, or to save up for that summer holiday, then you need to be savvy.

  1. Start budgeting – as previously mentioned, be very methodical and thorough with your budgeting, down to every penny because the pennies add up too.
  2. Drop entertainment, restaurants and unnecessary shopping for the time being, in fact drop all of it and see how much you can quickly save for that holiday.
  3. Re-examine your bills – can you get service providers cheaper elsewhere? A lot of companies offer introductory offers and refer to friend schemes which could help saving money.
  4. Offer your services – have a little side hustle. Sell things on ebay or do something that you know you could have a little extra money for.
  5. Declutter and sell as much as you can, you would be surprised what some people will spend the pennies on!
  6. Sell your car and get a bike – this may not sound as practical if you have kids but if you don’t, then look at a healthier option that is also good for the planet.
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