Easy Money Tips: Put Your Credit Cards To Work

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Welcome to Because I’m Cheap’s Easy Money Tips Roundup! These are the latest posts from my favorite bloggers.

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Put Your Credit Cards To Work – “The trick is to using credit cards is to use them responsibly and know how to work the rewards.” [Femme Frugality]

How To Get Out Of Debt: Break Up Your Pay Check – Getting out of debt is difficult, let alone frustrating. Try this method to alleviate some of the hassle. [Medium Sized Family]

Teach Your Kids About Money: Why Early Frugality Is Key – It’s never too early to teach your children about money and frugality. [Thrifty Guardian]

Money Is Insignificant And Unimportant At The Same Time – Bringing awareness to the tension that money creates. [Finance Girl]

27 Money And Life Lessons – 27 lessons learned in life and money. [Making Sense Of Cents]

Other Must Reads

How To Cut Up A Chicken – “Breaking down a whole chicken isn’t too hard after you do it a few times.” [Fun Money Mom]

How I Became A Dividend Growth Investor – There are countless ways to invest, check out this expert’s insight on how to get started. [Making Sense Of Cents]

How We Plan To Hack Early Retirement – Everyone wants to retire early, here’s how they’re doing. [Mad Money Monster]

The One Money Tip You’re Not Looking For – People are conducting daily searches on making and saving money, but there’s one tip they aren’t looking for that adds up to serious bank. [Femme Frugality]

I Know When I’ll Make 6 Figures – Ever heard of a salary schedule? [She Picks Up Pennies]

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  • Lisa @ Fun Money Mom
    May 26, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring my post on how to cut up a chicken! It’s something I’d always wanted to learn how to do so I thought there might be others in the same boat. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xoxo

    • Jenn
      May 26, 2016 at 6:19 pm

      You’re welcome:)