Painless ways you can save money this month

Saving. It’s something we all know we should be doing, yet most of us put it off! Many people choose to save in two ways, either for a specific thing such as a house, a car or a holiday, or they choose to save for a rainy day, in case something goes wrong and they want more financial stability. Those who really have things figured out manage to account for both!

However you choose to save, it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. It doesn’t mean you have to miss out on time with friends or doing the things you enjoy. It just means thinking ahead to the future and protecting yourself financially – check out for more information on debt, County Court Judgement and looking after your money.

Here we’ll explore some painless ways you can save some money this month.

Make it automatic

Waiting until the end of the month to transfer whatever is left in your current account into your savings isn’t the best approach. Instead of putting it off, consider automating your savings at the start of every month and having a set amount move from one account to your savings. You don’t even have to do anything once it is set up! Just work out how much you can put aside and let your bank provider do the rest.

Modern Saving Methods

Saving is a crucial aspect to the success of any individual or entrepreneur. When you start saving funds for the future, consider storing some funds in a crypto interest account. These accounts are known for better return on investments and your funds are always immediately available for you to withdraw or to invest in crypto currencies and turning even larger profits. Newer means of saving and investing has changed the game for many individuals and could do the same for you.

Cut back on alcohol

Ok, we all enjoy a glass of wine or a cool beer after a hectic week. But cutting back on those bottles will certainly save you some cash. Consider choosing to drink one day a week, or only drinking when you go out for a meal. It’s not only healthier for your wallet, but for your physical health too!

Get better at cooking

When we’ve had a long day, the last thing we want to do is cook a meal from scratch. Even if we have the ingredients. This means most of us open those takeaway apps and promise ourselves we’ll do better next week! Getting better at cooking will mean you’re less likely to waste money on takeaways. If time and energy is an issue, find meals you can batch cook and freeze for later!

Wait for the sales

Need new jeans? Or a coat? Hold off for as long as you can and wait for the sales. Even just a few pounds off will mean more savings for your pot. Consider choosing clothes that are better quality and they’ll hopefully last you several seasons. Investment pieces will keep your overall costs down and you can pocket the difference.

Borrow don’t buy

Whether you’re an avid gamer or you love reading, consider borrowing items rather than buying them. You’ll only use these items once, so spending big bucks on them is a total waste of money. Consider borrowing from friends, neighbours, even siblings and colleagues!

Final thoughts…

What do you make of these painless ways to save money? You’ll find that lots of little financial changes will make a big difference when it comes to your saving pot. Start today!

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