Interesting ways that DAM software can save businesses money

Whether you own a business or you’re within management, you’ll understand the importance and the pressure of trying to save money where possible. The general consensus is that if you want to save money, you need to cut corners, but when you’re part of an established and already respected firm, that simply doesn’t comply with your company ethos or message. It also sends a poor message to employees.

Thankfully, there are ways you can save money within your department without having to cut corners or blow your budget. I’m talking, of course, about DAM software. Digital Asset Management tools are proving to be invaluable across a wide variety of industries and it’s easy to see why.

DAM software helps you to manage and control your digital assets. Digital assets can range from video and product photography to your brand guidelines, files containing text, spreadsheets, sales materials, presentations, or even audio files. As essential as these files are, when you’re an established company that has potentially hundreds of thousands of digital files stored in a variety of clouds and hard drives, they can be difficult to manage.

So, how exactly can DAM help? Here we’ll explore some interesting ways that DAM software will save you money.

It’ll banish inefficiency

In business, time is money. And if people in your department are spending more time searching for a single file than they are on the tasks that take priority, then there’s a clear and damaging imbalance. If your processes aren’t straightforward, then you’re already losing money. Investing in Digital Asset Management tools means everyone can benefit from a streamlined process.

When you can search a digital asset database for the file you need, thanks to powerful metadata tags and specific shareable collections, you can find what you seek within seconds – due to this, you and your colleagues will have more time to focus elsewhere.

Copyright and infringement costs

It’s unlikely that a business with strict guidelines and infraction policies will find themselves on the wrong side of a copyright infringement lawsuit. However, you shouldn’t write it off. This kind of legal issue will not only impact your budget, but also your business reputation – something which no business can put at risk. DAM software can help archive and manage your outdated and unlicenced assets, preventing them from being published, accidentally or otherwise. Getting a handle on your digital rights management is essential, and DAM can help you achieve this.

And finally, increased security

If a company has an IT department, then they will have plenty of online security in hand. But again, this doesn’t mean they should be complacent, especially when it comes to digital assets. As mentioned above, digital assets range from product videos and photos to sales information and even marketing campaigns. A breach of digital assets could mean this information is leaked or tampered with, costing the business time and money.

DAM software provides a safe and secure place to store all those precious files, complete with restricted access, statistics and reporting of any unusual activity and restrictive permissions for each user. It’s clear that with DAM you’re in safe hands.

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