Newcomers Guide: Secrets For Purchasing Your First Car Successfully

Nothing could be more thrilling than the idea of driving down the streets behind the wheel of your brand new car. The thought of you not having to board the stuffy public transport vehicles is even more overwhelming. However, you need to put in some effort and spare some time to turn those dreams into reality. You do not want to be confused by the sugar coating words of a sly car sales rep. Therefore, you need to consider some factors when purchasing your first car to avoid confusion and purchasing the wrong car.

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Secrets For Purchasing Your First Car

Know your limit

You should resist the tempting thoughts of purchasing a flashy car. Instead, you should consider a car that you can afford and one that fulfills your needs. It is commonly said that cars are not meant for status but for transportation. Therefore, you should consider what you have as your down payment as well as your scheduled payments.

Don’t get yourself into debts that will struggle to repay. Instead, consider how much you can actually afford to pay for your car. However, do not just concentrate on the monthly installments. Most car dealers will try to tempt you to choose a lengthy payment plan because it will lower your instalments. However, you will incur more in the long run. You are supposed to have already set your budget and stick to it.

Arrange for financing

You should never engage with a car dealer without having preapproved your financing first. Look for an affordable lender who also has a user-friendly payment plan. You should not rush to pick any lenders without having compared the rates by other financiers to get off with the best offer. Once you are preapproved for financing from a lender, you can now proceed to engage with a dealer.

Evaluate your specifications

You should pay more attention to your needs and not your wants. Although driving a convertible may be more exciting, it will not accommodate your family of five when traveling. You also need to consider the engine size and invest in a car that doesn’t consume more gas. Additionally, you should look for a vehicle with a solid track record of affordable maintenance costs and reliability. You may also want to purchase a car that is eco-friendly to preserve the environment.


You should not buy your car without first doing your due diligence. Keep in mind that repaying your car loan is similar to making rent and mortgage payments. This means that the choice you make is vital and can significantly affect your regular budget. Start by finding out which car meets both your budget and needs by comparing a variety of car makes from different manufacturers.

It’s also important to value the car that attracts you. When you visit your local car dealership with comprehensive research on appraising information and other offers from competitors, you are already halfway through the negotiation game.

Be in charge of the negotiation process

Nothing can unsettle a car dealer like a self-confident and well-informed customer. The car dealer’s game can only thrive when you go to the dealership unprepared. However, when you visit the showroom displaying confidence that you can purchase and also sell the whole showroom, you remind them that you are not an easy target. You should make them understand that they are not selling to you a car, but instead, you are marketing to them your business. This is the attitude you should adopt.

Shop around

Conduct research on the car models you might be interested in before you decide to engage with any car dealer. Do your window shopping using all the available sources, including online platforms, where you can easily find all the information you need to identify a car that fits your style and needs.

Good timing

Shop for your car during the last days of the month. You must be wondering why this is the best time. During the last days of every month, sales representatives are keen to sell more cars at this point in time. Most car sales reps work on the basis of earning as much as they sell. Their commission depends on how many cars they sell every month. Most of them would be eager to seal any deal during the last days of any month to boost their commission. Purchasing your car at this time means that a car sales rep can make more money in the form of commissions. Therefore, they may be more willing to take your bargained offer at this time of the month.

Be aware of your credit score

Most car dealers rely on the mere fact that most buyers are never aware of their credit scores. They, at times, misquote your credit score to lure you into accepting a payment plan with a higher interest from their funding unit. However, when you visit a car dealer with your credit history and credit score, you will be more likely to get favorable terms.

Pay for an inspection

Ensure that you have the car inspected by a mechanic before making the purchase. Your mechanic will help you detect any mechanical faults. Ensure that the mechanic you hire isn’t from the dealer but one you have used before, and one that you trust. Do not give in to the idea of sellers trying to dismiss the idea of having the car inspected since they could be trying to cover up a serious malfunction in the vehicle. In case the car is faulty when purchasing, you may later need to consult experienced attorneys for auto accident injuries.


Some individuals own cars that they no longer want to drive. If you don’t feel proud about driving your old car, you do not necessarily have to purchase a brand new car with all your savings. Instead, you can visit a car dealership with your old car and try to negotiate and strike a trade-in deal. In a trade-in scenario, you will exchange your old car for a new car and add some cash on top of your capital. This is normally a cheap and easy way of getting your dream car.

Test drive potential purchases

Once you have identified the cars you are interested in, ensure you take a test drive by yourself just to make sure everything is working perfectly. Ensure that the car engine and other parts are not making any noises. Additionally, feel whether the car is stable on the road, and all wheels are perfectly aligned.

Find repair records

Once you have identified the car you want to purchase, ensure that you check its repair history from the dealer. Additionally, make sure that the car you are interested in is reliable. You can do this by reading online reviews and feedback from consumers who have previously purchased the specific type of car you want.

Do not just buy and leave

Once you get yourself a purchase agreement, do not just drive off. At this point, just hang on a little longer, make a request to visit the service department, and talk to the manager. Remember to ask about promotions that they may have, for instance, maintenance and oil change promotions. You could get a coupon for your next car service.

The above tips will help you get a perfect car easily. After you purchase your new car, ensure that you take good care of it and avoid reckless driving to reduce insurance costs as a first-time driver. It’s also important that you use your car for the intended purpose.

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