New York On The Cheap: The Essential Guide

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the Big Apple that won’t break the bank you have come to the right place! Yes, that’s right you can see the sights and experience all the hustle and bustle of New York City big city without spending every last dollar you have. Just read on to find out where to go and what to do during your stay.

See a show on Broadway.

If you want the genuine Big Apple experience, one thing that you cannot miss is seeing a show on Broadway. However, the cost of watching some of the most popular live shows in the world like The Cher Show, Chicago, and The Book of Mormon often put visitors on a budget off.

Happily, this no longer needs to be a problem because you can use cheap ticket sites to book seats for shows in NYC at a fraction of the usual cost. In fact, on the best sites you can even filter by price, so no matter what your budget you can be sure to get in to see a show that will make provide you with fantastic memories of your New York stay.

Check out the views.

Next, as there are so many fantastic sights in New York to see, it can be tempting to start paying out high tour, and viewing platform fees. However, this isn’t actually something you need to do if you know the best free places to go.

In fact, from spring to fall you can head to the Downtown Boathouse in Tribeca and take a kayak out on the water. This being a location where you can get some genuinely epic views of the super trendy West Side. The best things are that a 20-minute session is totally free!

Picnic in Central Park.

Central Park is a must visit place for Friends fans and tourist alike when they are visiting New York City. It’s also free to enter as well, making going for a walk there a great budget option.

However, if you would like to do something a little more special, but still keep the cost low why not treat yourself to picnic in the park instead?

In fact, to do this, you can choose to order a specially prepared picnic from Central Park itself. Although a much cheaper option would be to find a deli and grab your favorite pastrami sandwich instead.

Go to see Lady Liberty.

Finally, nearly every visitor to New York wants to see the legendary Lady Liberty herself. However, with tours costing upwards of $40 it’s not the best choice for those that are looking to do New York on the cheap.

Luckily, there is an incredibly smart way around this, and it’s to ride the Staten Island ferry as it travels right across the New York Harbor.

Of course, that means you not only get to explore Staten Island but also get a fabulous view of the Statue of Liberty as you pass. The best thing about the ferry is that it’s another free option which means you can easily see this iconic sight without breaking your budget.

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