How To Study On A Budget

When it comes to studying, there is pretty much nothing bad about it. You’re learning new things, advancing your career, and making those vital connections to push you a step closer to where you want to be. However, one of the only downsides is that it does actually cost a lot of money, and it can be difficult to keep yourself afloat if you don’t have a constant income, or a loan. We’ve put down a few ideas, so that you can advance your studies without breaking the bank.

Look out for cheap (or free) books

The best way to save yourself some cash as a student is to search around before you splash out a lot of money on those brand new text books. As soon as your lecturer gives you that list of 100 books without batting an eyelid, you can get the ball rolling on finding them at a discounted price. Look out for them on sites such as eBay and Amazon, and don’t forget to join Facebook groups (or real life societies) where you can buy books from those students in the years above you. They will be looking to get some quick cash, and will sell them to you at a cheaper rate.

Limit your meals and drinks out

One of the most costly sides of college is the social element of it, and it can seem as though there is always another event to go to, where you’ll have to spend yet more cash on food, drinks, and other costs that may arise. If you’re going to save yourself some money, you need to be a little savvy when it comes to the social gatherings that you go to. Don’t always show your face at the most expensive restaurants, but make an effort to go on the free trips to art galleries and museums. This isn’t to say that you can’t spend at all, but try to limit this where possible.

Get a side hustle

If you’re earning money whilst you do your college degree, you’ll be doing yourself a real favor when it comes to staying out of (too much) debt. Whether you decide to do something like freelance blogging, or you sell your arts and crafts online, there are plenty of side hustles that can get you some dough, without taking up too much of your time. You could do an online degree, too, like an online MBA with finance concentration (for those super invested money savers) so that you have a little more time to devote to keeping yourself afloat financially. Look into this!

So, if you want to study on a budget, there are many things that you can do, from looking out for those cheap (or free) books to limiting what you’re spending on food and drink. You can also get an interesting side hustle, so that you can make yourself some money without having to work a 9 ‘til 5 job, which is pretty much impossible for a college student. Be savvy, and enjoy college on a budget!

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