Moving During the Winter: Is it a good idea?

Does moving during the winter sound like a good decision to you?

You would probably say no. The weather is colder and can be uncomfortably so. There’s more danger because roads and sidewalks are covered in snow and ice, making them slippery. Since it’s cold, you’d rather stay inside by the fireplace, sipping on a comforting cup of hot chocolate.

Plus, the winter season means the holiday season. Why take this time to move and not be with your friends and loved ones?

Well, you might be surprised, but there are plenty of good reasons for moving during the winter. Let’s take a look at each one.

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Moving rates are lower.

Because people usually move in the summer, it’s not a surprise that the cost is higher. It’s peak moving season, after all.

That means you can snag cheaper rates during the winter season. Since moving companies need to earn money even during the off-peak season, they usually offer promos as an incentive to hire them. That means even the usually expensive car shipping cost is much more affordable.

Ask around – you will find that companies are more than willing to negotiate just to land your contract.

More businesses are closed during the winter.

If you plan to move during the winter, you can time it when a lot of things are closed for the holidays. This includes offices and schools. That way, you won’t have to take excessive leave from work. Your kids won’t have to miss any school days either. Isn’t it convenient?

More moving companies are available.

Speaking of moving companies, not only will their rates be lower, but they will also have higher availability.

As already mentioned, people usually move during the summer season. That means moving companies are busy, and you will have difficulty booking the slot you want. Even if you try to book a month in advance, it might not be early enough.

But when it comes to the winter season, they’re less busy. You will have your pick of moving companies and get more flexibility on dates and timing. Your items might also arrive earlier than scheduled because companies have lighter schedules during the colder months.

You’d rather enjoy the summer.

If you’re one of those people who’d rather enjoy the summer, winter moving is for you. Why miss out on the beaches and pools, right? Moving during the colder period means you won’t miss out on sunny days because you’re hauling your items.

You can avoid the heat of summer.

Another reason to move during the winter is so you won’t feel the heat of summer. Imagine having to carry a lot of heavy objects while feeling hot and uncomfortable. Not a fun thing to experience, right?

Furthermore, did you know that extremely high temperatures are the leading cause of weather-related death in the United States? Moving during cooler periods can help you avoid conditions like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat stress. Your movers will also be happy not to have to work in less than ideal conditions.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your items being warped or discolored by the heat if you move during cooler periods.

Winter moves are something to consider, but…

Moving during the winter has plenty of benefits. But at the end of the day, it’s still entirely up to you to decide when you want to move. Check with yourself and with your family to make sure the pros outweigh the cons.

And of course, whatever season you decide to move, we recommend that you employ the services of professional movers. They’ll help make this period of your life a little more stress-free.

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