Mission Miami: Paradise Does Exist

Florida is a state that is often compared to California. Both are blessed by gorgeous sunlight and both are shining beacons of beach life. No wonder tourists flock to both in their millions every single year without missing a beat. However, Florida has something that California no longer possesses. The biggest cities in California are beset by large population growths, so much so that getting around them has become a chore. Los Angeles for example, is ridden with traffic jams and there are so many people in such a small space that even the beaches are full constantly. However, Florida, Miami is not cursed with any of these problems. It has done what LA has failed to do, and that’s to stay authentic. The sun kissed beaches, the boardwalks, the watersports, seafood and general culture of this great city has not just remained intact but thrived. So if you are going to go to one of the hottest places in all of America, then your mission orders are to set flight for Miami.

A Vice you’ll love

Completed and opened in 1915, Ocean Drive has become the most iconic feature of 80s America. The art deco architecture and homes have become the backdrop of many action movie. Painted in a pearl white, this neighborhood is a great reflection of the Miami that everyone around the world recognizes. Set in the South Beach neighborhood, the palm trees that litter the sidewalks have become a staple in this part of the city. The cool neon signs outside of storefronts light up the night with a blue, purple, orange and pink hue. The shimmering lights on the street kind of looks like a cocktail with it’s many different tastes and vibes. If you want to stay somewhere you’ll be in the heart of Miami itself, Ocean Drive is where you need to find yourself a place. Whether it’s a hotel, a humble bed and breakfast or even a house rental, don’t miss this chance.

On the silky blue

Now that you’re situated by the ocean, it’s time to ride the famous Miami blues. The water is incredible, with it’s balance of warm and cool temperatures it makes for great swimming, snorkelling or living the high life on a boat. Speaking of which, the only way to travel in style is to book a yacht charter miami so you can ride in comfort, style and luxury. Yachts come in all kinds of sizes, but one of the cheapest that easily fit 3 people is the 370 Express which comes in at a cool $198 per hour rental. If you would rather have a little more length then go for the 86 foot Azimut luxury yacht that comes in at $744 per hour. All the yachts are free to be rented at certain time pertaining to each, so different yachts will be open during the night and day while others will be all day long.

Of all the places in the world, Miami is one of those that make you believe that real paradise does exist. Situate yourself in Ocean Drive first so you’re close to the water, then head out onto the waters in style in your own yacht.

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