Making Yourself a More Attractive Job Candidate

Finding a job is no easy task. It’s incredibly involved and demands a lot more of your time, effort and attention than it did in the past. For example, you now have to worry about your social media presence and companies have a tendency to rely on potential recruits to start the conversation and take the initiative.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can make yourself a more attractive job candidate so that you can open up your opportunities and find a suitable job for your needs.

Always have a portfolio

Whether it’s a blog where you post about your work or a website dedicated to your past projects and jobs, always have some kind of portfolio that showcases what you’re capable of. The key to an attractive portfolio is to make it visual and always try to cut down on the amount of text on the pages. You want recruiters to glance at it, get interested with the images and then offer them some brief explanations and text instead of trying to over-explain something.

Clear any past conviction you have

It’s become common for recruiters to delve into your past and examine things such as your criminal record. As a result, you’ll want to seek something like a Canadian Pardon to get rid of your criminal record. This will help clear up any past misconceptions that could be a detriment to your recruitment opportunities. Having a clean record will be far more attractive to businesses looking for employees. Even if it’s just a small offence or a misunderstanding that you’ve yet to clear up, any kind of stain on your record will be a strike against you and could make you lose out on many employment opportunities.

Build a presence on the internet

These days, more and more people are using services such as LinkedIn to get recruited for a job. For example, you might find that they’ll actively blog about their skills and experience to build a small audience or showcase that they have the skills they say they do. You might also find job opportunities on social media, even if it’s Facebook or Twitter. Building a digital presence, especially on social media, can help you connect with influencer and assist in landing you a dream job while also helping you become a more attractive candidate. It showcases that you’re willing to take the initiative and it means that you’ll get noticed by more companies looking for new staff members.

Making yourself marketable to these companies involves strategies that will always change. What works today might not work in two week’s time, and you’ll need to constantly adapt by applying fresh strategies in order to be an attractive candidate with lots of job opportunities. We hope that this article has given you a fresh perspective on how to improve your chances of finding a job and why the internet is such an important tool for job searching.

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