Industry Secrets Dealers Don’t Want you to Know when Buying a Truck

Buying a truck is an incredible experience. There’s something special about stepping foot into a truck that is jacked up for the very first time and nothing will compare to this. The problem is that there are a lot of dealers out there who will try and sell you something that you don’t actually want and other dealers will try and make as much out of you as they possibly can. How do you avoid this? By playing their own game against them.

Your Phone is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

A couple of years ago, truck dealers really did hold all of the cards. Buyers didn’t have a lot of information at their disposal but now this has all changed. If you have a truck right in front of you, find out what they paid for it, how much profit they are going to make and how old it is. This is essential information when it comes to haggling and it could save you thousands.

The Game is Won Before you Enter the Lot

The internet has worked wonders so far for humble customers who just want to get a deal. If you want to win when it comes to your truck purchase then email dealers within a very small radius. Tell them all what you want and see who comes back to you. From there, find the lowest quote and take it around the dealers that you emailed. They will be forced to match it or lose out on a

“I’ll Let You Two Talk”

This is something that dealers often say a lot, and it usually happens when they are about to take a phone call (just watch). This is their way of listening in on your conversation and it is a great way for them to find out what your bottom line is. If you want to avoid this, walk away or talk with your partner via text to discuss the purchase.

If You Want to Lose Out, Trade your Truck In

If your truck has been in an accident then it is very easy for you to call a Chicago truck accident lawyer. They can help you with all types of trucks and they are an asset to your case. The problem is that even if you do win compensation, you still may need to go out and buy a new truck. One logical way for you to do this would be for you to take the truck that you have in now and then save some money on your new purchase. This is not the case at all and you would be much better off selling the truck to someone in your local area over selling it to the dealership. They won’t give you half of what the truck is worth and even if they make out that they are giving you a deal, they really aren’t and this is something that you need to watch out for. It also helps to ask your insurance company the value of your truck as well, so you can make the best call with your trade in.

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