Financial Hurdles You Have To Sail Over And How To Survive

Life isn’t always going to be plain sailing is it? There comes a time where you just have no choice but to face the hurdles set out in front of you, sprint over them as fast as you can and finish the race in good time. We can all be a little guilty of getting complacent at times. We can settle for a job that just pays a set wage, even if we don’t enjoy it. We settle in the house we live in because we think we can’t afford to move or do anything about it. We can face a decline in wages, increase in costs and yet still mutter on through thinking there is no alternative.

However, we can face the hurdles and we can change our circumstances. Sometimes just through the actions that we take, other times thorough the way we handle things and our decision to move forward. I wanted to share with you some of the most common financial hurdles anyone of us can face at anytime, and hopefully offer you some solutions and tips to sail over that hurdle once and for all. I hope it gives you the tools, the inspiration, and the motivation to make the changes and decisions you may need to face in your life.

Has your relationship come to a natural end?

Relationships are a real tough one to navigate. But at some point in your life you may find that you find that person you connect with and you just click. You date, you settle down, you may even get married and start a family and things seem all happy and perfect. But, that might not be the end of the story for you. Many relationships that were built to last can start to crumble if you don’t put in the necessary work to make them thrive, and in some cases, those relationships can break down beyond repair and this is when you may face a divorce. Of course, you may want to get an attorney on side such as Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins to advise you on all the legal side of things. Especially when there is family to consider, joint finances and assets. The problem is, not all of us have the courage to face this hurdle, or to even accept that our marriage is breaking down and isn’t going to work. Sometimes you have to have a very honest conversation with yourself and with the other person involved. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but in some cases people are happier apart. You have to try and understand whether you family is affected by it, and do what is best for all involved.

Does your career give you enough?

Once school is over and done with the basic route is to get a job and start paying your way. Many of us do it. But, not all of us do something that we love. You see, some of us have no clue what we want to do during high school, and so further education and training for that chosen career is just not on option because you don’t know what route to take. Sound familiar? In these cases people take on the best job they can get their hands on, and in some cases this can develop into a career as you climb the ladder of success. But is it what you really want to do? We can all have epiphany moments where things just start to click and suddenly you know what you want to do. But do you have the courage to climb the hurdle and swap careers? Take on the additional training and potentially increase your income stream? Not all of us do I am afraid. Like is too short to sit in a job where you don’t enjoy it or don’t feel you earn what you deserve. It may be time to grab the bull by its horns and take some action. Change your resume, be positive with how you think and just go for it. You never know where the path might take you, and it could potentially help in other areas as your potential earnings may increase.

How can you really change your current financial situation?

Maybe your job is okay, and your marriage is just ticking along, but all of us might be in agreement that a little more income in the bank account wouldn’t go amiss, am I right? We could all do with more money, and so sometimes you have to look at your current financial situation and not accept how things are and improve them. There are plenty of things you can do boost your income. You can start by reducing your current costs. Things like meal planning can save your food bill, and switching providers for energy and insurance products can reduce those bills. Even checking to ensure you know what goes out of your account each month can raise some surprise savings. You could also make better use of your spare time. Things like filling out surveys and performing mystery shops can really boost your income. Lastly, you may want to try and improve things by starting up your own business from home, monetising a blog you currently have, or just by working freelance in your spare time and utilizing websites like people per hour. The options are endless, but the reality is, you don’t have to accept what your current situation is offering.

What if you face a situation that wasn’t your making?

Finally, we can all be put into situations where things happen that are not our fault. That might be an accident at work, a car accident that you were involved in, being fired from your job, just to name a few examples. But the difference is that it is how you get over these situations that can make you thrive. Seeking justice where there has been some wrongdoing, going down the correct channels and taking control. You don’t have to accept the situation, in fact you can embrace it and turn it into a positive.

I hope that this helps you tackle the financial hurdles that life can throw at you.

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