Boost Your Travel Budget By Taking Care Of These Hidden Fees

Enjoying a vacation can be tricky when, as well as having to factor in obvious costs like accommodation and flights, unexpected bills keep coming. As well as meaning that you have to work so much overtime that the benefits of this break are painfully short-lived, this can be a problem for individuals already running on a tight travel budget. Luckily, there are ways to lessen even these unpleasant extras, and we’re going to consider them here.

# 1 – Bust those baggage fees

Average baggage fees as high as $30 each way for even one small bag can get pricey, especially considering often extortionate fees for even slightly exceeding baggage allowances. If you’re fed up with these additions, it’s vital to take note of top tips, including using air miles for luggage purposes or, if your airline offers this option for free, strategically packing so that you can make do with hand luggage. Pairing these techniques with layered clothing on your flight home can prove especially useful, ensuring that you travel for less, and don’t even have to wait at the dreaded checking queue.

# 2 – Stop spending to spend

Currency exchanges, and long-distance credit card usage can both see us spending to spend during any trip overseas. Foreign transaction fees ranging in value anywhere between 1-3% on EVERY card transaction you make during a trip can especially end up costing you significant amounts during even a week-long break. Luckily, avoiding this is all about planning. For one thing, seeking reasonable currency exchange rates well in advance of your trips means that you’ll end up losing minimal amounts of money. More temptingly, travel credit cards like those you can browse through sites like Compare Credit, can help you avoid transaction fees in the large part, as well as saving you on things like travel insurance, etc. Get these solutions in the bag, and you’ll never need to spend for your overseas spending again.

# 3 – Get real about roaming charges

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Studies have recently revealed that the average US traveler (admittedly for business purposes) spends as much as $15.10 A DAY in roaming charges. That’s a high figure, and it’s going to set you back a fair amount for the duration of your trip. Again, there are luckily ways around this once you know about the risks. Perhaps the easiest of these is to simply switch off roaming apart from when you specifically need to use it. That said, if you’re likely to need a connection for the majority of your trip, further tricks, including turning off all non-essential, internet-dependent apps, and even simply booking into a hotel that offers free wifi for your stay, can all help to keep roaming costs to at least a more reasonable rate.

While most of us seek savings in terms of flight costs, etc., it’s surprising how few of us even realize that these unexpected fees can be part and parcel of travel. Don’t let them shock you by preparing, and avoiding, these costs both before and after your trip.

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