A Guide To Getting Paid What You’re Worth

You might love your job and want to do well, but if you’re not being paid what you’re worth, resentment will surely soon kick in. Many people – usually women – end up feeling bad or apologetic about asking for the money you deserve. This is because society has conditioned us to believe we should be sorry for existing, for taking up space, and even for asking for the same amount of money as men. However, that needs to change. This guide to getting paid what you’re worth will help you, so that next time you get paid, it matches up with your efforts, skills, and lifestyle. Enjoy!

Research Salaries

The first hurdle you need to overcome, is actually figuring out what it is you need to ask for. Many people don’t ask for what they are worth, simply because they don’t know the average salary, and don’t even have an idea of the ballpark figure to suggest. Do your research on salaries for the same job in the same industry, researching freelance and employed depending on what you are. Bear in mind that if you are employed, the area you are based in may have an impact on what you are paid. This is because the living wage is higher in bigger cities.

Have A Backup Plan

Say you’ve been offered a job, but the employer says they cannot afford to pay more. You have a few options here. One is to request that your salary is reviewed sooner rather than later. You want to know that there are opportunities for growth within a company before taking on a role. You can also suggest things like bonuses based on performance, and extra vacation. If they cannot pay you more, they may be able to offer you perks that make the job easier. However, if this is not what you want and you are sure that you should be getting the salary you have requested, know your worth and walk away. This can be difficult, and is a lot easier if you have an emergency fund saved to keep you going. Bear that in mind and consider saving an emergency fund now.

Getting Money As A Freelancer

Getting money as a freelancer can be a little more complicated than being paid a salary. You set your own rates here, so you really need to be confident that the product/service you are offering is priced correctly, taking into account your area, your clients, the costs to you, and your competition.

If you are struggling to get paid on time, you may need to improve your invoicing process to nudge clients more often. It’s also a good idea to offer a small discount as an incentive to pay early. However, you will always get clients that don’t pay, for whatever reason. Getting help from a company like Pacific Collection Group may be the last step to take, as it will ruin your relationship with the client (although you don’t want them anyway if they are not going to pay you).

Take Desperation Away

Whether you’re freelance or employed, you need to take the desperation away. Your freelance rates are not up for debate, and your potential employer will not be swayed by a sob story as to why you need the cash. Keep your dignity and know you will get what you’re worth elsewhere if they don’t offer you a job.

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