5 Must Haves For Couponers ~ Coupon Organization

Everyone knows I’m a couponer. I clip, I file, I sort, I print. It’s a lot of effort.

Every couponer knows the key to good couponing is a good method for coupon organization. You can clip to your heart’s content, but in order to maximize savings and efficiency you need to have a good system in place.

I use a combination of binders, envelopes and a big tote to store it all in. But each of us has a different method. No way is better than another or more right than another. It just depends on your individual style.

I’ve compiled a short list of 5 must haves every couponer needs for organization. Hopefully it will help you get or keep organized in your couponing quest!

  1.  Portable Coupon Organizer. I use this to stash clipped coupons for my coupon trip. Each tab is designated for a store. It fits in my purse and is easy to look through while shopping.

2.    Better than scissors, use Slice to quickly cut coupons. My hands were cramping up one day from the volume of coupons I was clipping one day, that I decided to do some research. The Slice is pretty amazing. It whizzes through the paper and literally cuts down on clipping time!
3.    Coupon Binder Pages to organize your binder. These are worth paying a little more for. I originally used baseball card sheets I found at the Dollar Tree for $1. But they tore after a few months. So definitely spend a few dollars more and go for thicker plastic!
4.    Notebooks. I am always writing lists! When I coupon, I use a 6×9 notebook to make my grocery list. I only need 3 columns. One for quantity, one for item name, and one for total cost. I already have my coupons in my portable organizer, so I just use my notebook to track what’s in my cart.
5. The Binder. My binder is a zippered binder. That way I don’t have to worry about losing a coupon. Oh, the horror! I also opted for 2 inch, but have been thinking of upgrading!

How do you organize your coupons? What must have tools do you use?

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